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Cult-Owned Sadiq Khan Signs Up Londoners for the ‘Planetary Health Diet’ by 2030 With Meat Cut to WW2 Levels of 44g a Day

Khan to plebs – I’ve taken your horrible cheap cars off the roads, now I’m coming after your nasty, smelly, unhealthy food. By 2030 you will be on Second World War calorie rations with plenty of vegetables, and little or no meat. That’s because I have signed London up to implementing the Planetary Health Diet with just 2,500 individual calories per day. Now you know I love statistics – did I tell you that my globalist friends inform me that banning your burgers and meat pies will help save 11 million lives each year?

The Planetary Health Diet (PHD) is the work of the EAT-Lancet Commission. It is predominantly an organic vegetarian plan and is intended to provide a “balanced, nutritional” and climate-friendly diet for all 10 billion people around the world. In 2019, London mayor Sadiq Khan led the way, signing up London to implement the diet for all by 2030. The PHD was one of the first to suggest that individual calories should be cut to Second World War levels and meat rationed to just 44 grams a day.

Through the C40 group of 100 city mayors, Khan additionally signed up to the ‘Good Food Cities Accelerator’. This committed a sub-set of 14 cities around the world to work with residents, businesses, public institutions and other organisations “to develop a joint strategy for implementing these measures by 2030”. Of course, at one level the idea that an increasingly despised Khan will “work” with Londoners to trash traditional diets in favour of ones based on organic grains and vegetables is laughable. But then 15 years ago, so was the idea that older cars owned by the less well-off would be forced from the roads by a Labour mayor under the guise of a so-called climate emergency.

As always, it is a good idea to look at what the global elites are writing and planning, often in plain sight. The PHD is the work of EAT, a non-profit, green activist operation that says it is dedicated to transforming the global food system to mitigate climate change. To pursue its aims, it has a number of partners including the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Needless to say, the show is funded by numerous foundations channelling money, often described as philanthropic, to fund ways to control rather than gain outright ownership of the means of production. Often described as ‘stakeholder capitalism’, the money buys influence, if not effective control, over wide swathes of industry, politics, media, academia and science.

EAT is based in Oslo and was founded by the Stordalen Foundation, Welcome Trust and the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC). The founder and Executive Chair is Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, who is reported to be linking “climate, health and sustainability issues across sectors to transform the global food system”. She is said to advise the World Economic Forum, and was named a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the Davos operation in 2015. In 2011, with her former husband she established the Stordalen Foundation, which went on to start the EAT Initiative with Johan Rockstrom and the SRC.

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