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The Dream: How the Realization We Live in a Simulation must Fundamentally Change our Perspectives and Priorities

I recently finished reading the new book by David Icke called The Dream (ISBN 9781838415334). He already wrote about the nature of our reality and immediate after-life sphere as being a simulation in the last book The Trap (ISBN 9781838415327).  In The Dream though he goes much deeper and explains how, where and by whom – or rather by what – the simulation was created and controlled and the reason for its existence. It boils down to our eternal consciousness our Divine Spark as he calls it in the book, being trapped in a virtual reality simulation being fed a “reality” we have come to believe as real. Our body is like a virtual reality headset, gloves and earphones decoding information fed to our senses by the AI computer running the simulation from the lower astral levels. Outside this simulation is Prime Reality, including Prime Earth, Source, All that Is – whatever you want to call it. When our body dies, our consciousness is misled into reincarnating again and again into the simulation (planet crazy) in an eternal cycle like a washing machine that never stops. Our memories of past lives are wiped to prevent us from realizing we are in a recycling machine.

Realizing our reality is a simulation has to completely change the way we view what life is about. Many if not most of us have been indoctrinated to believe that life is about advancing a career, making lots of money, having a big house, a fancy car, knowing important people (whatever that means) and then maybe as an aside, having a family, a good retirement plan, sending the kids to college and so on. It’s a rat race in a maze bound to create lots of negative emotions (loosh) – food for the demons and their system running the simulation. Realizing we live in a simulation, we must ask: WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS?  

The differences we have in opinions with others about politics, religion, gender, climate, culture, race and the bickering about minutiae in life all becomes irrelevant. It only serves to divide us, pin us against each other, divert focus from what really is important for all of us to grasp: It’s not real. We are all entrapped and need to get out of here or bring down the fake reality simulation.

Thus our priorities must change logically and organically. It’s no longer the Ferrari, the big house, the job, the money that matter but the love we have for others and others have for us. Realizing we are all in the same boat, the priority becomes being of service to our fellow divine sparks and finding a way out of the recycling machine. Once we realize this, we have the rest of this life to prepare and discover ways to get out of this recycling machine when our body dies and rejoin Prime Reality. If we don’t, we will forget everything we know and learned and in the next life we must rediscover all of it again, which may not happen for many lives.

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The Dream

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