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Terrified Driver Flees ‘Street Takeover’ as Moronic Mobs Attack Cars in Chicago Tunnel

A large mob of violent ‘youths’ attacked vehicles during a ‘street takeover’ in Chicago over the weekend, forcing at least one driver to flee under duress in a heavily damaged SUV, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded on Friday night in the Windy City.

Males wearing hoods and masks can be seen lying on the hood of a white Tesla while posing for friendly cameras as frustrated drivers honk their horns, videos circulating on social media show.


Other cars can be seen doing doughnuts nearby in what appears to be a tunnel on a multilevel street called Wacker Drive.


Suddenly, the driver of the Tesla can be seen accelerating and hitting multiple people in his path.

In response, bystanders pursue and batter the car, with one hooded figure bashing the driver’s window with his arm.

“F**k this car up,” someone can be heard yelling. “What the f**k, bro?”

The Tesla, with a broken rearview mirror dangling, reverses briefly then rockets through a very tight space, apparently hitting multiple cars in an attempt to flee the scene.

A police officer can be seen walking down the line of cars, saying, “Hey, back it up. Back it up.”

It is unclear if anyone involved in the chaos will face charges.

“Car demonstrations have been known to take over Lower Wacker, typically on Friday nights,” the Daily Mail reports.

“During the demonstrations, people drive at fast speeds and are known to make excessive noise that has been heard by residents who neighbor the roadway.”

InfoWars has been documenting the surge of crime across the United States, including carjackings, ‘street takeovers,’ smash-and-grab loot mobs, and physical attacks on innocent victims.

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