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Senior Politicians Could Be Prosecuted For Complicity in War Crimes in Gaza

The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) has written a notice of intention to prosecute any UK politicians who are aiding and abetting war crimes in Gaza.

The Labour leadership have been notified that UK politicians may be individually criminally liable for their role in aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity. The notice has been handed over to Scotland Yard’s War Crimes Unit, who have requested evidence relating to war crimes in the region.

Last week, the Expose reported that both Keir Starmer, Leader of the Opposition, and Emily Thornberry, Shadow Attorney General, and both human rights lawyers, spoke out in defence of Israel’s withholding of food, water and electricity to civilians in Gaza. They justified this collective punishment based on ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Warned

The news of the notice of intention to prosecute, follows reports on Saturday 14th that The International Centre for Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) has also warned Tory PM Rishi Sunak of its intention to prosecute him and other government ministers for their complicity in Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people (source)

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, a director of the group, told Sky News that he does not think his colleagues understand their ‘legal peril’ over their actions.

Israel-Hamas war: UK could be complicit in war crimes if it does not do more to ‘restrain’ Israel, says Conservative MP

Crispin Blunt, who is co-director of a pro-Palestinian group, told Sky News he is not sure his colleagues in Westminster are aware of the “legal peril they are in”.

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