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Pfizer May Go Bankrupt, Financial Markets Realise, as Company’s Value Plummets to Below Pre-Pandemic Level

The stock market may be waking up to the possibility that Pfizer may go bankrupt due to the upcoming Covid vaccine legal claims. Many parallels can be drawn between the corporate behaviors of Pfizer and Purdue Pharma, a pharmaceutical concern that dishonestly and aggressively marketed harmful products. Purdue Pharma went bankrupt due to the greed and depravity of its leaders, as its ‘legal protections’ evaporated. Might the same happen to Pfizer?

Old, experienced vaccine companies like GSK refused to participate in ‘Covid vaccines’ – and we now see why they may have made the right choice.

Take a look at this chart: Pfizer’s stock (PFE) is valued at 25% less than it was five years ago, despite the billions of dollars it received from the sales of Covid vaccines, and the wider stock market and the pharmaceuticals index having gone up:

At first sight, Pfizer, a worldwide pharmaceutical juggernaut, should not be worth less than before the pandemic. Pfizer’s Covid vaccine made it billions and should have added value to the company, even if future sales of COVID-19-specific products cannot be assured. And yet, PFE has inexorably fallen since last November and is worth 25% less than five years ago, defying the general upside tendencies seen for other pharmaceuticals and the stock market.

Since November of 2022, Pfizer has deviated from the trend of the pharmaceuticals index, underperforming by 35%.

This can only be explained by the capital markets seeing something uniquely troublesome for Pfizer. This post will explore what it may be.

I am far from the first person suggesting that Pfizer, which aggressively marketed its Covid vaccines and underwrote a worldwide influence operation to mandate its product, may face ruinous liabilities.

Ed Dowd, a former asset manager, was one of the first people to realise that. He explained that legal protection granted to Pfizer by the PREP act will cease to protect it if significant fraud on the part of Pfizer is discovered.

Purdue Pharma as a Blueprint to the Future of Pfizer

Purdue Pharma was a company making opioid-based pain relief medications. They were very addictive. Purdue was owned by the ‘Sackler family’, with the entire company leadership obsessed with maximising sales of opioids and minimizing ethical concerns.

The story of Purdue Pharma – its relentless push towards higher doses of opioids given to patients to get them addicted – is much longer than the story of the Covid vaccines. This post is not the best place for a comprehensive history. The best quick introduction to the malfeasance of the Sackler family that owned Purdue Pharma is to read the PDF of the Massachusetts legal complaint.

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