Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 16 October 2023

The So-Called ‘Alternative’ Media Is Being Taken Over by Imposters, While the World Goes Insane

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” 

~ Noël Coward

Oh, where to begin? The world is changing continually, and what began as an alternative voice of truth as opposed to the mainstream propaganda and lies, is morphing into a big business, large audience, popularity contest, where money and fame are sought. Invariably, this serves to weaken the honest message in favor of rhetoric, biased personal opinion, and in some instances, is meant for purposeful opposition to the truth, although this is not always the case. There is a fine line in intentionally working against a particular element of truth, and taking sides without clear thought. When one immediately takes sides without consideration of the big picture, the whole truth as it were, is lost, as is all credibility. What is spewed in this state of plotted or emotional opinion, is at once in favor of, whether intentional or not, the real evil. This is happening in a very dangerous situation today, in the so-called “war against Hamas” by Zionist-controlled Israel.

Other than a few sane voices who look at the total picture with consideration of the past 75 years of history, and beyond, most take sides in support of one or the other political faction, and disregard all the real victims of these atrocities being committed. These atrocities by any and every standard and measure, are obviously long-planned, coordinated, allowed to take place, and therefore intentional, in order to advance particular agendas. All attacks and murder of civilians, regardless of so-called sides, are heinous and beyond evil, but not getting to the truth of the matter before allowing feigned emotions or political leanings to interfere with reality, is unacceptable. With mainstream media and now the more mainstream fake ‘alternative’ media, one is presented immediately with sides, reminiscent of the idiocy of; “You are either with us or with the terrorists.” With or against is the mantra, which is so completely wrong from both perspectives. A much deeper look is required in order for sanity to survive.

This essay is not relegated to only the Israeli/Palestinian situation, as this phenomenon of irresponsible reporting, has consumed most all ‘news’ on most of the important issues, whether mainstream or alternative, for many years. But this particular situation reeks of plotted, unintelligent, uninformed, propagandized, and biased news from most every angle. Given the very heated emotions, and unbelievably dangerous implications of this madness, the risk of this bogus media reporting could easily drive this pre-meditated false flag attack to escalate into regional or world war, where an untold number of innocents, mostly civilians, would face horrible deaths.

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