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Tributes to NHS nurse and mother-of-three who died ‘suddenly’ in her sleep aged 32 – after her three-year-old daughter raised the alarm when she ‘couldn’t wake mummy up’

Tributes have been paid to an NHS nurse and mother-of-three who died ‘suddenly’ in her sleep at the age of just 32.

Laura Whittingham – who worked at the Royal Stoke University Hospital – was described as a ‘Disney Queen’ with the ‘most caring heart’.

Her husband Carl Whittingham explained how ‘everything was normal’ when they went to bed at their home in Weston Coyney on October 4. But the following morning, Laura never woke up.

Laura leaves behind Ava, three, 20-month-old Mia, step-daughter Gracie-Mae, aged 13, her sister Sam and parents Karen, 57, and Paul Davies, 59.

Carl, 32, did not want to disturb Laura when he left for work but he came home to the police telling him that his wife had passed away. His three-year-old daughter, Ava, came down the stairs having failed to ‘wake up mummy’.

Carl, who also works at the Royal Stoke as a health care assistant, said: ‘We both went to bed early that night. We were messing around watching videos on TikTokand laughing about different things on telly. Everything was normal.

‘I went out for work at 6am. I never went to check on her before I left. I didn’t give her a kiss as it was so early, she normally moans about me if I do that. My dad called, he was worried that Laura wasn’t up to take the children to school. I called the police.

‘When I got home the police had already broken into the house and as I got in they told me she’d passed away. I saw my three-year-old coming down the stairs after she tried to wake her up.

‘Gracie came over and I explained to her that something had happened. She was upset, but she’s been really strong. She’s like a rock at the minute, helping as much as she can.

‘Ava and Mia have chosen mummy’s coffin. Ava wanted it to be pink and glittery. Mia, even though she can’t talk, blinks and tells me what she wants. She kept pointing at the purple one so we went for a purple glittery one.’

Laura, whose maiden name was Davies, grew up in Meir and attended the now demolished Longton High School on Box Lane.

Her first job was at a Wacky Warehouse, before she started her career in the healthcare industry. Initially she worked as a carer looking after adults with special needs before she got a job as a ward assistant in 2012 where she met Carl.

He said: ‘We met at the hospital. It was just before she started her nurse’s training. We both moved around different wards but we always met up at dinner time.

‘One day we switched each other’s phone numbers and it went from there. I’d had other relationships but there was nobody like her.

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