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‘Died Suddenly’ reports have increased by 82% and 1,400 athletes have died since the rollout of ‘Covid’ injections

Tragically, since the mass covid injection campaign began to the end of September, 2,003 athletes have had serious health issues post-vaccination.  Of those, 1,400 have died.

It’s not only athletes that are dying suddenly.  In 2023, there has been an 82% increase compared to 2020 in online news content citing “died suddenly.”

Athletes With Serious Health Issues or Have Died Post-Vaccination

In July, we reported that 1,884 athletes were recorded as having serious health issues post-vaccination.  Sadly, 1,310 had died. This was according to the latest reports of athletes recorded in Good Sciencing’s list at the time.

Good Sciencing is continuously updating its list and tragically, the number keeps rising.  From the rollout of the mass covid injection campaigns to the end of September 2023, Good Sciencing had recorded 2,003 athlete cardiac arrests or serious issues.  The total includes 1,400 who have died. Many of these heart issues and deaths happen shortly after the person had received a covid injection.

Good Sciencing relies on the public to make reports to them and what they discover during research. Almost all of those on their list have been reported in the media.  “There are many countries or states with large populations, that have almost no reports in our list. That probably means events are not being reported to us,” Good Sciencing said.

While many of the serious conditions suffered by athletes related to their heart, Good Sciencing noted: “In 2022 and 2023, reports of the number of new cancers increased. In some places, some doctors reported 5 times more cancers than in 2020/21 and many of those are detected and immediately labelled stage 4. We leave it to others to draw conclusions from this, but there have been many newly-discovered cancer deaths around the world, often described as ‘died after a short illness’.”

Below is the list of athletes in September 2023 who suffered a serious condition or died and the cause has been identified as vaccine-related:

  1. 25/09/2023 Spain Dead
    Jorge Iglesias (20), Aluches Tierras de León Wrestling specialist who excelled in Leonese wrestling in northern Spain died suddenly at home the day he was due to travel to Slovakia to continue his studies.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
  2. 21/09/2023 England Dead
    Maddy Cusack (27), female Sheffield United Footballer who played over 100 matches for Sheffield United women died suddenly. Cause of death not released.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
  3. 12/09/2023 Belgium
    Nathan Van Hooydonck (27), Jumbo-Visma professional road cyclist suffered a heart condition while driving his car. He lost control and hit other cars. A week after the accident, he is reported to have retired from cycling due to a heart condition.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4
  4. 03/09/2023 Zimbabwe Dead
    Heath Streak (49), Zimbabwe cricketer who played for his country, was captain and later took up coaching died of liver and colon cancer.  News Story  News Story2  News Story3  News Story4

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