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The Gain of Function (GOF) Lab Leaked Bioweapon Story is Pure Science Fiction

Post 9/11 fear porn sets the scene

Post 9/11, bioweapons became a major concern pushed by the mainstream media with scary stories about labs genetically modifying “viruses” in order to make them more lethal. We were encouraged to believe that terrorists might unleash a deadly contagious viral plague upon the world.

This was amidst the apparent use of a very real anthrax bioweapon. Anthrax is a bacterial disease as opposed to a “viral” disease. This is a very important distinction because unlike “viruses”, bacteria do actually structurally exist and so do have the potential to cause disease and the potential to be weaponised.

Although the simplistic one germ one disease theory is too reductionist, and person to person transmission of bacterial disease has been greatly exaggerated, i do not completely reject all aspects of germ theory as some people do. It’s important to understand that germ and terrain theory are not completely mutually exclusive and certain aspects of both may be true.

However, fictional viruses are another story entirely. Since the introduction of SARS in 2003 other fake viral epidemics have been used to strategically prime the masses for the main event with “SARS-CoV-2”.

The main event

Virologists have claimed that the “coronavirus” probably resulted from regular contact between humans and animals, possibly in connection with wet markets in Wuhan, China, which is where the “virus” was first reported.

Initially, the lab origin narrative was censored, but this has now become the mainstream narrative. This alone should be enough to make critical thinkers suspicious about the voracity of this story, which has all the hallmarks of a limited hangout.

Many scientists and politicians are now demanding an investigation to determine whether “SARS-CoV-2” could have accidentally leaked from a lab or crossed into humans during collection or storage of samples. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is in the firing line because it is where “related bat coronaviruses have been extensively studied”.

No virologist has ever properly purified and isolated the particles that they assume to be “viruses” directly from a sick person and then proven them to be pathogenic. Therefore, it should be obvious that if these “virus” particles do not even exist, then it is impossible to genetically modify these fictional entities in a lab in order to create a contagious bioweapon.

This simple logic appears to have escaped many people who believe that “SARS-CoV-2” must have been developed in a lab and unleashed upon the world in order to create a new contagious disease and a global pandemic.

The people who believe the lab leak story seem to be ignoring some simple facts. None of the symptoms associated with “Covid-19” are new, unique, or specific, so there simply is no new disease. “Covid-19” is just a rebranding of old diseases and symptoms. There is no proof of transmission and/or contagion except for a few highly flawed epidemiological studies.

There was never any need to create a “virus” bioweapon when all that was needed to control the masses was relentless propaganda and a fraudulent PCR test.

There is no new “virus”, no new disease, no contagious bioweapon, and there has been no pandemic. It is pure science fiction based on pseudoscientific cell culture and genomic experiments.

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