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The Dramatic Degradation of the Human Immune System

In many countries worldwide over the past three and a half years the health and financial situation of the population has been falling downhill in a way that has never been seen in the past decades. Trend analysis shows increasing numbers of excess mortalities in all ages and a steep rise in a decay of people’s health and workability, especially women. Pandemic measures, repeated vaccinations and a rising number of people including children and pregnant women suffering from hunger have weakened people’s immune systems.

Impaired immune system conditions due to a disrupted gut microbiota and increased exposure to oxidative stress can stimulate S. pneumoniae to switch from a commensal bacterium to an opportunistic and harmful micro-organism that may result in pneumonia, myocarditis, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and even sudden death.

To turn around the ongoing negative trend in health and life expectancy any forced ‘one-size-fits-all interventions’ that may cause a collapse of a weakened immune system need to be halted. Without any positive change in current public health policies, millions more adults and children will die from pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal disease in the next decades. No other infection can cause this number of deaths.

Instead, a safe, affordable, and effective intervention by a population-wide vitamin D supplementation, a known effective antioxidant and immunomodulator that can prevent dangerous pneumococcal infections is urgently needed.

In general, public health authorities and governments could better invest in and choose interventions that prevent malnutrition and extreme poverty. Strengthening the population’s immune system will decrease the demand for healthcare and contribute to a healthy world for all.

Trend analysis demonstrates the population’s weakening immune systems

Worldwide data have shown a continued period of excess mortality as compared to pre-pandemic periods. According to the OESO covering a total of 1.2 billion inhabitants’ excess mortality in 2022 was 1.2 million. Reports of July 2023 show excess mortality continued to vary across the EU. Among them Sweden had the lowest excess deaths recorded.

A preprint study suggests that all-cause mortality during the first nine months of 2022 increased more the higher the 2021 vaccination uptake associated with monthly mortality increase in 2022 by 1,105 percent. Analysis of all-cause mortality rates in Japan and Germany found a highly significant increase from 5 and 10 percentin mortalities in 2021 and 2022 (2005-2022). For 96.5 percent excess mortality was seen in the vaccinated.

Interim analysis of Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control described an apparent decrease in vaccine effectiveness for all age groups after 4 months of booster injection due to either the impact of waning immunity alone or to immune escape properties of a new Omicron variant. Recent data showed that the risk for infection increased with the number of injections with the Covid mRNA vaccines.

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