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Matt Le Tissier speaks about his fight to get the football establishment to recognise vaccine injuries and stop pushing ‘Covid’ injections onto footballers

Footballing legend Matt Le Tissier has been a fierce critic of the UK government’s covid policy.  His views saw him attacked by corporate media and he was fired by Sky Sports. However, he stood firm in the face of these attacks and has seen the support for his stance grow as the truth started to emerge about what really went on in government during the covid fiasco.

At a Gala Dinner hosted by The People’s Health Alliance (“PHA”) at the end of September, Le Tissier told his story and exposed the truth relating to the football industry in the context of covid.

“In March of 2020, my entire world changed.  When … I tweeted out something that said something like this: ‘Why are the media scaring everybody when this virus only affects the very old and those that are already ill?’,”  Le Tissier said.

“Well, I wasn’t really prepared for the response that I got,” he told the dinner attendees flashing a cheeky grin. “Up until then, I was kind of getting maybe a few hundred likes on stuff that I would post on social media, mostly about sports.  [But] when I tweeted that, it came along with the most vile abuse I think I’d ever seen on social media.  But at the same time, that tweet in March 2020, got 40,000 likes. I’d never had anything like that before.”

The vile abuse he received made him realise that something wasn’t quite right.  He continued to question the Government’s covid narrative and in August 2020, “Sky Sports had finally had enough of me and decided to sack me,” he said.

At that point, covid “vaccines” were already being discussed in the media.  Le Tissier had already decided that he wasn’t “going anywhere near those vaccines” because “common sense and a little bit of critical thinking” told him that vaccines don’t get produced in such a short period of time. “How can you possibly have any kind of long-term safety data in the space of 11 months,” he said.

Asking all these questions came along with a lot more abuse on social media.

In 2021, after the rollout of the covid injection campaign, Le Tissier noticed several footballers started to collapse on the playing field and games were being stopped because of medical emergencies.  A phenomenon he hadn’t witnessed before in his long career.  He contacted the Professional Footballers Association (“PFA”), the players’ union, and told them his concerns.  He got an unsatisfactory response.

As more young, fit, healthy athletes collapsed, Le Tissier got more and more frustrated why no investigation was being conducted.  In November 2021, he tweeted; “Hey, FIFPRO, are you not a little concerned about how many of your members are suffering heart problems during matches?  And if you are, what action are you taking on behalf of them?”

Within 5 minutes of his tweet, Le Tissier’s phone rang.  It was former footballer Bobby Barnes, who was now the head of FIFPRO, the International Federation of Professional Footballers.  Even though Le Tissier was able to get Barnes to admit during their conversation that previously it was so rare that a player collapsed on the field that neither had witnessed such an event during their playing careers, Barnes and FIFPRO did “just about nothing.”

In the summer, two Premier League footballers, from two different clubs, told Le Tissier that only about 50% of the players at their clubs had been vaccinated. This is while corporate media had been saying that 95% of Premier League players had been vaccinated.  “That’s pretty interesting,” Le Tissier thought at the time.

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