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Protester who ambushed Starmer with glitter is a jobless ex-private schoolboy who studied at £24k-a-year Dubai College, was raised in a £1.5m Surrey home and has jetted to 13 countries in ten years

The eco protester who ambushed Sir Keir Starmer with glitter is a jobless ex-private schoolboy who studied at a £24,000-a-year private school in the UAE and flaunts his jetset lifestyle.

Yaz Ashmawi, who disrupted the Labour Party conference demanding ‘democracy’, was raised in a detached £1.5million house in Surrey and enjoys a £750,000 second home in Devon.

The Extinction Rebellion supporter breached security at the Liverpool conference by jumping on stage as Sir Keir was speaking, and throwing glitter all over him in front of a TV audience of millions.

He was bundled off stage by security officials, arrested and taken into police custody.

The 28-year-old told MailOnline that he did not intend to cause Sir Keir any harm and has apologised to the Labour leader for his actions.

An hour after he was released by police, Ashmawi said: ‘I want to apologise to Mr Starmer if he felt physically in danger at any point.

‘That truly was not my intention whatsoever, and I respect that MPs often face real threats to their wellbeing.

‘Nonviolence is about acting to prevent further harm, not making people feel frightened or at risk.

‘I hope he can recognise the need for the UK public to contribute to the big decisions that determine whether we live or die.’

Ashmawi has jetted to 13 countries across four continents in ten years, The Sun reports, showing off his holidays on Instagram.

The activist, who has his own website, calls himself ‘a bit of a weird one’ and has two master’s degrees.

He has now justified his startling glitter attack by saying that he feels the world is in ‘grave danger’ from climate change.

‘Many of the five mass extinctions ever to have occurred in the history of life on Earth mirror the conditions we’ve created on the planet today,’ he said.

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