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3 Ways To Survive “The Great Taking”

It’s a “scheme of central bankers to subjugate humanity by taking all securities, bank deposits, and property financed with debt.”

David Webb, a former hedge fund manager, and Wall Street insider, has blown the lid off a diabolical plan more than 50 years in the making in a shocking new book.

He calls it The Great Taking.

I consider it an urgent must-read (available for free here).

Here’s the synopsis (emphasis mine):

It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of the current globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle.

This scheme is being executed by long-planned, intelligent design, the audacity and scope of which is difficult for the mind to encompass.

Included are all financial assets and bank deposits, all stocks and bonds; and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment; land, mineral deposits, inventions and intellectual property.

Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will likewise be taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses which have been financed with debt.

If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.

Private, closely held control of ALL central banks, and hence of all money creation, has allowed a very few people to control all political parties and governments; the intelligence agencies and their myriad front organizations; the armed forces and the police; the major corporations and, of course, the media. These very few people are the prime movers. Their plans are executed over decades. Their control is opaque.

To be clear, it is these very few people, who are hidden from you, who are behind this scheme to confiscate all assets, who are waging a hybrid war against humanity.

Webb shows how the dark forces behind central banking have spent the last 50 years meticulously putting the legal structures in place worldwide to sever property rights for securities.

Gone are the days of physical paper share certificates and bearer securities, where you had control and ownership of the asset.

Today, your control and ownership have become increasingly distant as stocks, bonds, and other investments have been centralized away from account holders and rehypothecated—a slimy practice where financial institutions reuse an account holder’s asset for their own purposes, creating multiple claims on the same asset.

Contrary to what most brokerage account holders believe, they only have the appearance of ownership. If their broker goes bust, the stocks and bonds they think they own will be used to satisfy the other more senior creditors of their broker.

Webb shows how, during the 2008 financial crisis, a small broker in Florida went bankrupt.

Instead of sending the clients’ securities to another broker, as had traditionally been the case, they were swept up by the bankruptcy receiver.

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