Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 October 2023

FEAR: It Can Control You- If You Let It

We have been put through the ringer of FEAR (False Emotion Appearing Real) these past three plus years by governments worldwide. In addition to governments, some alternative news media as well keep broadcasting about threats that may or may not happen. This information can help us to prepare for eventualities but it can also push us into a state of fear if we are not careful.

The Reasons for Fear

The global state of fear brought about an inability of many to take a step back, question the narrative, think critically and see the truth that there was no pandemic. It brought people to take a novel injection without questioning the safety. It made people treat loved ones despicably because they were in fear of family members and friends who didn’t mask up and refused the shot. The spread of fear was and always is calculated to bring about exactly this situation of division. The ones propagating fear know that people in fear will follow orders without question and give their power away to perceived authority who promises to keep them safe as long as they follow orders. On one hand, the spread of fear is a tool of control. On the other hand the emotion of fear as well as other low vibrational emotions such as hatred, anger, despair, worry is energetic food for the ones ultimately orchestrating perceptions and events to bring about these emotions. The energy from such emotions has been called loosh by Robert Monroe. It is lunch to other dimensional demonic beings and their control system.  The same is true for anger emotions. Whenever my computer or other tech and software doesn’t do what I want it to do, I think this is programmed into these devices on purpose to cause us to get angry and provide more lunch to the demons. Then again, just the thought of this makes me laugh and the loosing stops.
Then there is the dark chapter of terror induced in victims of satanic rituals during which a rush of Adrenalin is induced in order to harvest it in the form of Adrenochrome.

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