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Cover-Up ‘Covid’ Inquiry Lead Counsel Claims Covid Would Have Grown “Exponentially” Without Lockdown While BMA Pushes for Earlier, Harder Restrictions

Module Two of the Covid Inquiry is now up and running. This module looks at Government decision-making, the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) and the impact of lockdowns.

A statement by the Lead Counsel to the Inquiry, Mr. Keith, was up first on Tuesday October 3rd. Immediately, Mr. Keith came to a contentious issue.

The number of deaths across the United Kingdom, calculated by whether COVID-19 is mentioned on the death certificate, is now over 230,000. By the measure of excess deaths or excess mortality, the figures are likely to be similar.

The figures for England and Wales show that between Week 11 2020 to Week 38 of 2023 there have been 2,089,552 deaths, of which 207,814 (10%) mentioned Covid.

Compared to the five-year average, there is an excess of 195,951 deaths. However, we have just shown the methods used to calculate the excess affect the estimate; also, it is incorrect to assume that all Covid deaths equate to the excess.

It is incorrect to assume all Covid deaths (whatever that means) are excess deaths. Particularly given ‘Covid deaths’ could be assigned in 14 different ways, and as we have shown in 2022, the excess deaths remain unexplained.

However, Mr. Keith makes some useful comparisons:

But a broad comparison is still useful. It shows, for example, here that the United Kingdom had a lower burden of excess mortality than indeed many countries. The example that we’ve chosen here is Italy, which had a greater degree of excess death than the United Kingdom. So we were by no means the hardest hit, but we did have a higher burden in terms of the calculation of excess deaths than many other countries, and we’ve put on this chart France, South Korea, Sweden and Denmark.

A lot has been made of Sir Patrick Vallance’s diaries that have been passed onto the Inquiry. An entry from June 10th 2020 from Dr. Vallance records: “I am [worried] that a ‘SAGE is trouble’ vibe is appearing in No 10.”

It may even be the Government selected on occasion from SAGE what it wanted. There is a: “Paper from No 10/[Cabinet Office] for 1[metre]/2[metre] review,” notes Vallance. “Some person has completely rewritten the science advice as though it is the definitive version. They have just cherry-picked. Quite extraordinary.”

But, there’s also a perplexing explanation of modelling by Mr. Keith supporting its use and placing the onus on us – because we just don’t understand.

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