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Chilling video shows terrified revellers hiding in undergrowth and recording messages for loved ones as Hamas gunmen stalked Israeli festival in massacre that left 260 dead

Chilling video has emerged of the moment terrified Israeli festivalgoers were forced to hide in the undergrowth to avoid a hail of bullets from Hamas gunmen in a massacre that has left some 260 civilians dead.

Survivors of the attack posted clips showing them crawling under bushes and recording hushed farewell messages to their loved ones as they watched victims get slaughtered.

Many lay petrified for more than five hours before they heard the sound of armed rescuers speaking in Hebrew.

The Palestinian terrorists stormed the Supernova Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, close to the Gaza Strip, as part of its surprise assault on Saturday.

Music at the deadly rave, which survivors said initially had ‘good vibes’, played all night until around 6.30am, when a siren began blaring warning of rockets.

Festivalgoers knew there was a risk of rocket attacks. But they didn’t expect a truckloads of gunmen cutting power to the festival and storming the site, firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

Terrifying footage shows innocent civilians screaming as shots are fired while police are seen trying to help people evacuate.

Some are heard shouting, ‘go, go, go!’ as they clasped hands and sprinted away from the oncoming trucks, which followed behind spraying bullets.

The Israeli rescue service Zaka later said it had recovered at least 260 bodies in the aftermath of the attack.

Corpses of young revellers were seen piled up on top of each other in makeshift tents last night as emergency workers tried to identify their remains.

This morning, harrowing dashcam footage from the incident showed gunmen executing civilians as they lay in the sand before rifling through their pockets and emptying bags from their cars.

The distressing image, shared in a pixelated form on the Israeli government’s official Twitter page, showed scores of victims placed in body bags at the site of the ‘beautiful party’ that turned into a horrific massacre.

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