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God help the kids: Israel orders ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, cutting off food and electricity, and prepares for massive ground offensive ‘within 48 hours’ in response to Jewish state’s ‘worst day in history’ on which Israeli authorities opened the door and let the killers in

Israel is drawing on its huge military might – including thousands of tanks, warplanes and troops – to obliterate Hamas after the terrorists launched a surprise assault that has so far killed 700 Israelis.

Israeli forces have already used its fleet of 600 planes and 300 rocket launchers to relentlessly pound the Gaza Strip, with airstrikes and artillery obliterating 1,000 targets belonging to Hamas.

And the annihilation isn’t stopping there, with Israel’s 173,000 soldiers, including 8,000 of its fearsome elite commandos, vying for the opportunity to kill Hamas terrorists who have killed more than 700 Israelis so far.

They are now preparing to launch a massive co-ordinated ground assault within the ‘next 48 hours’ to destroy the Hamas fighters and infrastructure in Gaza that will see fierce fighting erupt in the streets.

The ground troops are drawing from Israel’s arsenal of 300 military tanks including self-propelled howitzers to scour the country’s southern and northern borders for Hamas gunman and guard the breaches in its border.

Israel’s military might is far superior to that of the Hamas terrorists, who currently only possess around 10,000 rockets that had been built up in secret.

On top of the 173,000 active Israeli soldiers, Israel has today drafted in a record 300,000 reservists in its response to a multi-front Hamas attack from Gaza and is ‘going on the offensive,’ the chief military spokesperson said.

Video shows hundreds of cars belonging to Israeli reservists lining the streets close to a military base near Gaza after they reported for duty following Hamas’s attack.

Israel is also drawing on its special forces from the elite and notorious Sayeret Matkal unit to fight against Hamas. It is believed that they will be aiming to take out those high-ranking fighters within the terrorist organisation and also rescue the hundreds of Israelis who have been taken hostage.

Israel’s Defence Forces have said they want to completely strip Hamas of its power to govern in Palestine after what has been described as the country’s ‘worst day in history’ with the number of Israeli’s killed in the conflict set to rise further.

Hundreds of Palestinians have also been killed and buildings reduced to rubble after Israel began its deadly revenge attack.

The Israeli airstrikes have so far flattened much of the town of Beit Hanoun in the Palestinian enclave’s north-east corner, which Hamas terrorists had been using as a staging ground for their attacks.

In a statement, the Israeli Air Force said it dropped some 2,000 munitions and more than 1,000 ton bombs on Gaza aimed at over 10,000 targets in Gaza in the last 20 hours.

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