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Church of England School Sacks Teacher Who Refused to Teach “Extreme” LGBT Lessons in Religious Education

A teacher has been sacked from a Church of England school after she refused to teach “extreme” LGBT lessons as part of religious education. The Mail has the story.

Glawdys Leger, 43, a modern foreign languages teacher at Bishop Justus CofE School in Bromley, south London, was dismissed in May 2022 after she said she wouldn’t teach LGBT material on the religious education syllabus to year seven pupils.

Ms. Leger, who had taught at the school since 2017, said she was “treated like a dangerous criminal” after she shared her belief with students that LGBT practices were sinful and that humans are born either male or female.

She was later reported to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) following reports she had upset one pupil with her views.

The teacher of 12 years could now face being banned from the profession indefinitely after a ‘fitness to practise’ hearing in Coventry due to start on Monday.

It is thought to be the first time a TRA case against a teacher at a CofE school has progressed to a full hearing.

Ms. Leger took particular issue with introducing children to the concept of gender and sexual identities, including pansexual, asexual, intersex and transgender, as well as the promotion of Critical Race Theory and abortion.

The RE teaching syllabus included the suggestion that people could be “born in the wrong body” as well as encouraging students to have “allyship” for queer people.

Teachers were also required to screen a film entitled ‘Fit‘ which looks at millennials with protected characteristics.

Ahead of her hearing, Ms. Leger said: “The impact of what has happened to me has taken a great toll on me. The thought of me losing my career for expressing my Christian beliefs in response to questions from students is heartbreaking.

I was treated like a criminal and as though I was a danger for expressing my Christian beliefs.”

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