Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 8 October 2023

Another Pointless Climate Summit

As if there weren’t already enough climate summits, the New York Times reports that the UN hosted yet another one, this time called the “Summit on Climate Ambition

This one was distinguished by only inviting irrelevant countries to speak:

“At a Summit on Climate Ambition, the U.S. and China End Up on the B List.

The world’s two biggest polluters were not invited to speak at a United Nations meeting designed to highlight effective action against warming.”

That’s showing them. Nothing says effective climate action like leaving out the people doing most of the emitting.

Mind you having them attend, say, COP28 in Dubai this November and December won’t accomplish anything either.

The organizers, and many journalists, seemed to think people would care about whether they got invited to this utterly forgettable, instantly forgotten whatever-it-was.

As in:

“The United Nations’ secretary general, António Guterres, convened a special summit on Wednesday in New York City designed to highlight the efforts of the most ambitious global leaders on climate policy – and to implicitly shame those who are dragging their feet.”

Oooh, nothing worse than being implicitly shamed.

Especially when not going to a summit you weren’t invited to might just possibly save your career with domestic voters. And as always “Despite its emphasis on ambition, the summit yielded few new concrete pledges” though Canada sent some empty words.

The spectacle thrilled the dwindling crowd. Reuters “Sustainable Switch” was excited that:

“Thirty-four countries recognized for taking strong action on climate change were due to speak, including Canada, the European Union, Pakistan, South Africa and the island nation of Tuvalu”

Which, given that it was a one-day conference, didn’t leave much time for any of them to say anything even if they’d wanted to. And certainly nobody knows or cares what Pakistan did say.

Probably their own delegate can’t even remember.

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