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Green multi-millionaire Dale Vince abandons support for ‘counterproductive’ and ‘pointless’ Just Stop Oil protests to concentrate on giving all his financial backing to helping Just Stop Oil becoming the government under Starmer’s Labour which will make him an even bigger fortune

Eco-entrepreneur Dale Vince has abandoned his support for Just Stop Oil, so he can plough all his money and effort into getting Labour elected.

The Ecotricity founder and Forest Green Rovers owner said that future protests by the eco-zealots would be ‘pointless’ and ‘counterproductive’ to the aim of protecting the environment.

Mr Vince has made headlines this year after it was revealed he made donations worth £1.5million to Labour and Sir Keir Starmer while bankrolling the green group behind a string of annoying stunts.

Most recently they struck at a performance of Les Misérables, having also interrupted Wimbledon, an England cricket match and the Chelsea Flower show, as well as bringing London roads to a halt.

In a statement Mr Vince applauded ‘the conviction and the commitment of these activists and their bravery in the face of an increasingly hostile state’.

Watch Video Here: Dale-Vince-counterproductive-pointless-Just-Stop-Oil-protests-Labour-Conservatives.

But he went on to add: ‘Recent actions by this government make it clear that no amount of protesting will prevent them drilling in the North Sea.

‘And while I understand the frustration that people feel, I believe that further protests and the disruption that comes with them are pointless. I would go further and say they would be counterproductive. This government is intent on drilling come what may and will welcome further protest as it feeds their new culture war.’

He said he will instead focus on a new campaign called Just Vote, which aims to encourage people to exercise their democratic right.

‘It’s a fact of our electoral system that only one of two parties can form the next government; we want to bring a focus to this reality and to the opportunity that we have – to elect a green government, one that will embrace the opportunities we face, rather than make an enemy of them – and use them to tackle the long list of issues we face as a country.’

In an article for The Guardian, Mr Vince suggested that Just Stop Oil’s tactics may now be ‘counter-productive’ and that ‘protest cannot work’ under the current Government.

While he maintained his support for the methods Just Stop Oil has used – five people were charged after disrupting a performance of Les Miserables in London’s West End earlier this week – he said the methods were no longer effective.

He added: ‘In order to “just stop oil”, first we need to just stop the Tories. To me that is simple, unarguable logic. The dividing lines have been drawn: Labour is green, the Tories are not.

‘A vote for anyone other than Labour, or no vote at all, is a vote for another Tory government – this time with a mandate to pursue its anti-green crusade.

‘Preventing that from happening is the only way to “just stop oil”.

‘Our Government is not only unmoved by these protests, it believes it has struck electoral gold. It has made clear that no amount of protest will sway it and has doubled down in a desperate attempt to get itself a toehold in the next election.’

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