Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 October 2023

Feedback from a reader of David Icke’s latest book, The Dream

Hello, this message is for David. I recently purchased a copy of his latest book “The Dream” and have read about one third of it so far. I felt it important to convey just how powerful the information is in this new book. While reading and actually internalizing the concepts he sets forth I have had several out of body experiences that includes time dilation. 
I have been able to recall distant memories with incredible accuracy down to even the finest of details while having these experiences. Having read several other books of David’s I consider myself to be open minded but this brought my understanding of reality to a whole other level, and I would point out that this is coming from someone who is already quite familiar with the concept of soul traps and simulated physical reality. 
Lastly, upon reading this book (which I’ve yet to even finish!) the world makes sense in an unbelievably clear and obvious way no one would ever imagine possible. My apologies for the lengthy letter but again I felt it necessary to provide feedback to the author due to the magnitude of effect this information can have on a person and indeed the world.

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