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Military Veterans & Families Have Hotel Reservations For Army-Navy Football Game Canceled To Make Room For Illegal Immigrants

The Boston Herald reported on Wednesday that scores of U.S. military veterans and their families planning to attend the upcoming Army Vs. Navy college football game had their hotel reservations canceled in order to make room for illegal immigrants flooding America.

The game is set to take place Dec. 9 at the New England Patriots home field in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

At least 70 individuals have been told by three separate hotels their reservations have been canceled, and the rest are now questioning whether their inn will be temporarily housing dangerous criminals who recently illegally entered the country.

A travel agent who books hotel rooms for military families told The Herald, “I have enough rooms to cover some of the people. Some people are looking around but pricing is very high. For many, the issue is safety … they are questioning the safety of remaining hotels located near those that are now filled with migrants. Lots of questions by my clients and most hotels are scrambling to come up with safety protocols.”

A hotel management company running Foxboro’s Comfort Inn hotel confirmed to the outlet that “refugees” who recently arrived in America were being housed at that location.

The VP of Marketing for Giri Hotel Management proudly boasted of kicking the military families out of their pre-booked rooms, saying the company will “seamlessly relocate guests.”

“We are delighted to confirm that we are indeed taking refugees at our hotels,” the VP said. “By providing shelter to refugees, we aim to be part of a global community that stands together in support of those in need. We look forward to working with local authorities and organizations to ensure a smooth transition for all those who will call our hotels home during their time with us.”

The sold-out football game brings a lot of money to the rural Boston area, and the massive influx of illegals in the area could have a negative impact on the amount of people able to visit.

It’s also highly ironic that this is taking place during what might be the most patriotic football game of the year as it features two service academies.

GOP Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis commented on the news via X, writing, “Our veterans and service academy graduates cannot find anywhere to stay for the Army-Navy Game because hotels are housing illegal aliens on the taxpayers’ dime. What a farce. When I am president, the days of putting illegals aliens over Americans will be over.”

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