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I was kidnapped by my runaway electric car: Terrified motorist, 53, reveals his new £30,000 MG ZS EV ‘began driving itself’ after suffering ‘catastrophic malfunction’ – forcing him to dial 999 and crash it into a police van to get it to stop

A terrified electric car driver has revealed he was kidnapped by his runaway £30,000 MG ZS EV after the vehicle suffered a ‘catastrophic malfunction’ in a bizarre case which forced him to dodge red lights and roundabouts before calling police to ram it into their van.

Brian Morrison, 53, claims he was heading home from work at around 10pm on Sunday when his new Chinese-made fully electric car began driving itself at 30mph.

Unable to use the brakes, the Glaswegian – who runs his own social enterprise – called police who stopped the vehicle by allowing it to slowly crash into their van.

Electric cars have been linked with a series of safety incidents. Concerns have been raised about fires caused by lithium-ion batteries, with one battery that had become detached from a MG ZS EV identified as the cause of a fire in Australia last month.

On September 24, a family home in Merseyside was set on fire after their electric car reportedly exploded while sitting in their driveway.

EV drivers are also suffering from a shortage of chargers, with marshals brought in to police ‘charge rage’ between drivers at motorway service stations. The boss of Britain’s largest motorway service provider said long waits for plug-in points made drivers ‘very angry and stressed’.

Despite delaying an outright ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is sticking to plans that will require more than half of all new cars in the UK to be electric within five years.

MG Motor UK said: ‘We have been urgently trying to make contact with Mr Morrison so that his vehicle can be fully inspected by our engineering team. We take this matter very seriously and now that contact has been made, we will be making every effort to resolve matters quickly and comprehensively for him.’

Mr Morrison said: ‘I realised something was wrong when I was coming up to a roundabout and went to slow down but it failed to do so. Then I heard a loud grinding noise that sounded like brake pads. Because it was such a new car I knew it couldn’t be a problem with them.

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