Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 5 October 2023

Gareth Icke Tonight | Ep28 | Why Do People Seek A Saviour? – Dr Bryan Ardis Talks To Gareth Icke |

Streaming now on Gareth Icke Tonight, we have some exciting guests lined up. We’ll be joined by Morgan Jonas, the President of Australia’s Freedom Party, who will share insights with Gareth on how the past three years have impacted the Australian people, as well as the departure of Dan Andrews.

Next up, we’ll have Dr. Bryan Ardis back with us to shed light on his Healing For The Ages Conference. Bryan will elaborate on his mission and engage in a discussion with Gareth about his theories concerning COVID-19, the vaccine, and its potential connection to snake venom.

We’ll also be joined by Debra Yuille, a candidate for the Australian Senate, who will delve into the decision-making dynamics in Australia and their impact on the nation.

Last but not least, journalist James Rouguski will join us to explore the WHO’s pandemic treaty and decipher what the amendments signify for all of us.

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