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Immigration: just words

Political groupies will no doubt be luxuriating in the flurry of news coverage from the Conservative Party conference, but one cannot escape the sense that none of it is real.

It’s all very well, for instance, for Braverman to regale the Tory faithful with warnings that a “hurricane” of migration is coming, promising that the government will do “whatever it takes” to protect the UK’s borders.

One might even feel reassured by her closing line that “we’re on your side”, except that, after 13 years of “Tory misrule”, immigration is higher than it has ever been and shows no sign of abating.

Only four days ago, the Telegraph was reporting that net migration was “set to break [the] one million mark for first time”, as a surge in visas granted to those outside the EU had fuelled the rise. Thus, this “landmark figure” for a two-year period was expected – double the rate before Brexit when it was already too high..

Even immigration minister Robert Jenrick, speaking at a Policy Exchange fringe meeting, offered little consolation when he conceded that the system for admitting migrants to the UK had become “more liberal” than it had been under the European Union.

He referred to the immigration points system introduced by idiot Johnson after Brexit, telling us something we knew already, that it had resulted in “unsustainable” numbers of migrants legally coming to the UK. With that, he suggested some decisions made had been “naive”.

I remember at the time the hype over the Australian system, on which Johnson supposedly based the UK system, but pointed out that, in order to secure control of numbers, the Australians did not use their points system. They actually imposed annual quotas.

Thus, as early as 2014, I was noting that the Australian points-based system was effectively a quota system. For potential immigrants, acquiring enough points to qualify for entry only got them onto the waiting list. Once the quota figure was reached, the system shut down and no more entrants were allowed for the year.

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