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Conversation with Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD, HMD, ABAAM about treating Covid “Vaccine” Injuries

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is a famous integrative, anti-aging and homeopathic physician in the USA. He has been practicing since the early 1970ies. He currently practices in Carson City, Nevada. He teaches physicians about ozone therapy and developed a treatment for joint issues called Prolozone. I spoke to him about his approach to treating Covid “vaccine” injured patients.

The most common medical issues he sees are cardiovascular, pulmonary, and generalized malaise with brain fog and fatigue.  His approach is twofold: one, treat the various medical disorders (myocarditis, heart failure, cognitive disorders, weakness, etc.) caused by the Covid injections, two, block the action of persistent spike protein binding to ACE2 receptors, and three, prevent the hypercoagulation tht is always present.

For one, he uses ozone therapy for everybody since it is effective in restoring all diseased tissues including lungs, heart, kidneys, and brain function.  Additionally, ozone therapy is a mitochondrial stimulant and all patients with either post Covid or Covid injection injuries have mitochondrial damage as a result.  He uses a treatment called EBOO which stands for Extracorporal Blood Ozonization and Oxygenation. Blood is taken from the vein in one arm, run through a device that oxygenates and ozonates the blood and then filters it through a dialysis filter and then and returns the treated and detoxified blood to the other arm. The process mobilizes a lot of toxins including spike protein which can then be filtered out and treats the entire blood volume in about an hour.  As part of his protocol, he uses phosphatidylcholine (Plaquex) infusions right before the EBOO treatment in order to help further remove toxins. I advised him that phosphatidylcholine also repairs cell membranes which get damaged by both Graphene and the spike proteins protruding from the endothelial cells.  As the immune system attacks the spike proteins it destroys these cells.

Additionally, prior to the EBOO treatment he uses EDTA chelation to mobilize heavy metals which then get filtered out by the EBOO filter.  I pointed out that it also removes Graphene and Hydrogels as discovered by Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea.

After each EBOO treatment he gives 2mg of ivermectin for every 10 pounds of body weight.

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