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Now anti-ULEZ warriors stage demo outside Sadiq Khan’s house: Fuming drivers set up tents and signs outside Mayor’s home amid mounting fury at expansion of much hated scheme

Protesters have staged a demonstration outside Sadiq Khan‘s home as the campaign against the London Mayor’s Ultra-low Emissions Zone (Ulez) expansion intensifies.

Furious drivers set up tents and signs outside the property in south London – with one bringing a caravan with the words ‘Sack Khan’ and ‘No To Ulez’ on it.

The Action Against Ulez organisation was out in force wearing hi-vis jackets for the ‘all weekender’ which they described as a ‘hunger strike and protest’.

Signs plastered on vehicles parked outside on Saturday and Sunday said ‘are you listening yet Mr Khan’; ‘Ulez expansion justified with lies’; and ‘stop the toxic air lie’.

Others set up tents outside and branded Ulez cameras designed to catch drivers out as ‘scameras’ as they demanded the Labour politician steps down as Mayor.

n a post on social media, the group described the protest as a street party and asked for anyone to ‘get down here and join the fun’.

Also over the weekend, furious locals in Biggin Hill chased away a Ulez crew, some of whom were driving the mobile ‘spy’ vans used to enforce the scheme.

It comes after Mr Khan expanded Ulez to cover Greater London on August 29, making the capital the world’s largest pollution charging area.

People who drive in the zone in a vehicle not meeting minimum emissions standards must pay a £12.50 daily fee or risk a £180 fine, reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days.

Mr Khan has faced strong opposition with regular protests held in central London and anti-Ulez vigilantes targeting enforcement cameras installed in the new areas.

People described as Blade Runners have been filmed cutting the Ulez cameras’ wires or completely removing the devices.

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