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Costa Rica Declares State of Emergency Due to Influx of Migrants on Route to US

The president of Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency as a rash of illegal migrants pour through the country destined for the United States.

Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves declared the emergency last Tuesday, condemning migrants’ disrespectful behavior towards government authorities amid recent riots and authorizing crackdowns in response.

“I just want to reiterate to the press, international and the national press, Costa Ricans, but above all to those who are thinking of going through Costa Rica, I reiterate what I just told you. We are a generous people. Do not confuse that generosity with weakness,” President Chavez said at a press conference.

Despite his threats to quell violence, Chaves nevertheless added he’d grant safe passage to the migrants and even transport them to the north end of the country from a popular border crossing in the south.

Via Costa Rican media outlet Tico Times:

President Chaves asserted that peaceful passage will be allowed, but disrespect towards authorities will not be tolerated. Migrants will be redirected from Canoas and transported via buses to Costa Rica’s northern region.

The order “will facilitate additional funding and operational capabilities to manage the influx of migrants, primarily extracontinental individuals aiming to reach the United States,” according to the Tico Times.

The emergency declaration comes as over 60,000 migrants have traversed through Costa Rica during the month of September headed towards the US, inundating the small Central American country and straining its resources.

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