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Latest shocking stories of involuntary euthanasia – i.e. MURDER

By Jacqui Deevoy

Since I made the documentary ‘A Good Death?’ with Ickonic, I’ve received endless horrifying and heartbreaking stories from people who claim their loved ones have been euthanised in hospital.

The story below is the most recent, sent to me by someone whose 76-year-old mother went into hospital with backache and who was drugged to death in a matter of days.

I set up a support group – R.O.V.E (Relatives Of Victims of Euthanasia) – back in 2021. The person who told me the story below is its 94th member. I spoke to them last night. Here’s what they told me:

“My 76-year-old mum was admitted into the Royal London Hospital with backache less than two weeks ago. She had early emphysema but could breathe on her own. She was given morphine in A & E, then left on a trolley for 12 hours. Then she was put on oxygen and moved to a ward.

We were told within days she had lung cancer and a chest infection yet they refused to show me the X-ray results, despite me asking many times.

They said the antibiotics weren’t clearing up her chest infection. They then increased the morphine and said she had weeks to live. At this stage, she was struggling to breathe on her own: 48 hours later, I was told she had just days to live. A nurse said they were going to have to give her Midazolam and rushed towards the door. I shouted “NO!” and she stopped in their tracks. Another nurse then became hostile and started questioning me, asking why I didn’t want my mum to have Midazolam. I explained how I knew it was used in lethal injections and said I didn’t want to risk losing my mum. They seemed to accept that. A bit later, however, when I’d gone home to get some sleep, the nurses convinced my two siblings to let her have it and, during the night, they administered the Midazolam on top of the morphine.

Shortly after, in the early hours of 22nd September 2023, my brother texted me to say our mum was deteriorating fast. I rushed to the hospital and saw a nurse giving her another dose of Midazolam and morphine. A few hours later, she was dead.

It was a terrible death. She was struggling to breathe, turning blue, digging her nails into the bed, in agonising pain she passed away.

She’d told me several times they were trying to kill her. I questioned one of the doctors and he said that the morphine was making her say silly things. But she wasn’t being silly – she KNEW. She knew what they were doing and that’s why she kept saying she was frightened and wanted to go home. I wanted to take her home but it all happened so quickly.

In my opinion, my mum was murdered and didn’t stand a chance.”

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The Dream

“They killed him, then stole his organs.”

Another horror story of state euthanasia and beyond, as told to Jacqui Deevoy

“It was hard enough coming to terms with the realisation that my partner had been killed in hospital. He was admitted with a suspected chest infection. All he needed was some IV antibiotics and rest but instead he was given copious amounts of drugs, including hundreds of milligrams of the sedative Midazolam and the painkiller opioid morphine.

He was a fighter, in his fifties, big and strong. Despite being injected with endless cocktails of medications, it took over a week for him to die.

Of course, I only discovered this later, when I was able to access his medical notes. That’s when I could see the full extent of what had happened. He’d been given so many different drugs, it was as if he was being used as some kind of lab rat, as if the doctors were experimenting on him. Many of the medications he was given were new, unauthorised, untested… How can this have happened? Who gave permission to the hospital to do this? I sure as hell didn’t and I know my partner wouldn’t have agreed to it.

I had absolutely no idea what they were doing to him at the time as he was hospitalised in 2021, at a time when visitors weren’t allowed. He was all alone. No one to protect him or advocate for him.

The notes detailed how he’d tried to escape from the hospital and how he was then chemically and physically restrained. He was treated like a dangerous animal. They drugged him then killed him.

I was allowed in to see him on the day he died. It was the 6th of the month. I was at his side when he was injected with Midazolam and morphine. On the notes it says he was given 6mgs of each, but how was that possible? As far as I know, those drugs only come in 5mg vials. I have the hospital notes that show these details. I’m not a superstitious person but I was aware of all the sixes around me at that point. It was creepy and felt like more than coincidence.

The next day, I was distraught. I didn’t understand how my partner, the love of my life, could have walked into hospital but never come out. I was caught in a nightmare.

I desperately wanted to know what had happened – why he had died – so I contacted a lawyer who asked the hospital, on my behalf, whether we could have a post-mortem. We were told that wasn’t possible as my partner’s organs had been removed. I was horrified. Surely the hospital would have needed permission to do that! My lawyer informed me that the law regarding organ donation had been recently changed and that, unless a person opts out, they’re now automatically considered to be a willing donor.

I was so shocked – I’d not heard anything about this. But, when I checked, I discovered my lawyer was right. This just confirmed what I’d previously suspected – that my partner had been used as a guinea pig and that they’d taken his organs to perhaps see what effect the untested and unauthorised drugs had had on them.

My nightmare had now turned into a horror movie of the worst kind. I was traumatised, terrified and felt totally helpless.

To make matters worse, my lawyer decided he could no longer help me: he said that the hospital staff had followed protocol and he wasn’t able to take things further. He wasn’t prepared to question the protocols or confront those who’d implemented them. He said the guidelines being followed were legal so there was nothing more he could do. So these doctors and nurses are legally killing people.

I went to the police. They said that I should make a formal complaint to the hospital. So I contacted the hospital and demanded an investigation. The hospital investigated themselves and, months later, in a 20-page report, told me that everything was in order and that no crime had been committed. They even said that my partner had received “good care.” I was disgusted by their response.

That was over a year ago. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. The man I loved – and still love – was experimented on, murdered in cold blood, had his organs stolen and it seems there’s nothing I can do about it.

I want to go fully public with my story but I have to remain anonymous for now as my partner’s family don’t know all the details and probably wouldn’t want to. My partner had a big family and, although some of his relatives were suspicious about his death, knowing the full story could destroy them.

I won’t give up though. I will fight for justice until my dying day. The murderers – those who allowed this to happen, administered the drugs and cut his organs from his body – WILL be held accountable. One way or another, I’ll make sure of that.”

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