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Here’s Proof all those Summer Fires were Arson – not Climate Change

The Fall of the Cabal’s new film ‘Fire!!! Things that make you go HMMMMM’ about all the fires in the world wiping out entire towns is a must-watch says Dr. Vernon Coleman. “This new, brilliantly researched film should be entered for the Oscars.”

How come some buildings remained untouched? Why did it take so long before help arrived? Why is the media selectively quiet? Why were escape roads blocked by the authorities? Why were people stopped and sent back towards the fires where they perished? Why are the hit areas shielded off and why is aid denied? Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter search for the answers in their new film.

Note: One of Dr. Coleman’s websites is unavailable.  Dr. Coleman published a notice for his readers on his other website:

Difficulties outside our control mean that is no longer functioning as a separate website and has been temporarily (hopefully) redirected to

Everything normally found on can be found on except for videos. Most of Vernon Coleman’s videos can be found on which is the new, all-dancing, all-singing version of BrandNewTube, and on and other platforms. None of his videos can be found on YouTube which is controlled by the bad guys, doesn’t approve of facts, truths and proper debate and is only really useful for those seeking videos made by dancing hamsters, glove puppets and people diving into vats of blancmange.

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