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Restoring and repairing the body from ‘Covid’ fake vaccine injuries, part 2

Graphene uses up tremendous amounts of the body’s own antioxidants leaving it vulnerable to free radicals. For this Glutathione and Vitamin C infusions are very helpful.

Glutathione is the body’s own powerful antioxidant. The damage done by Graphene though makes it very difficult for the body to synthesize its own Glutathione. The infusions with Phosphatidylcholine (Plaquex®) described in the last article will eventually help the body make its own Glutathione again. But this will take some time. Therefore in the beginning of treatment, infusions with Glutathione are necessary to protect tissues from further free radical damage. This can be assisted by higher dose Vitamin C infusions.

Vitamin C as we all know also is a powerful antioxidant. It’s also essential to rebuild and repair collagen and for the immune system. Doctors usually begin with 5 grams and slowly increase it up to 20 grams.

Methylene Blue which I wrote about in an earlier article is extremely helpful in getting the electron transport chain going again in mitochondria to produce the body’s energy, ATP. During the Detox phase, the Phosphatidylcholine repaired the cell and mitochondrial membranes (among other effects). Now Methylene Blue can kick start the mitochondria into producing energy again.

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