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California: Class action filed against Gilead Sciences for death and injury by remdesivir

A ground-breaking class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in a California superior court against Gilead Sciences for people injured or killed by remdesivir.

The complaint alleges violations of consumer protection laws, false advertising, deceptive promotion, negligent misrepresentation, and other charges related to the marketing and administration of remdesivir, also known as Veklury.

And “seeks restitution, injunctive relief, disgorgement (return of all profits made by Gilead from the sale of remdesivir), and other relief for Gilead’s alleged wrongdoing that resulted in countless personal injuries and wrongful deaths,” a statement released on Wednesday said.

The nationwide syndicate of health and freedom lawyers, in cooperation with FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (“FFFF”) filed the complaint on behalf of potentially 100,000 relatives who have tragically lost loved ones and former patients who have suffered grievous injuries due to hospital treatment protocols.

The FFFF’s Humanity Betrayal Memory Project contains over a thousand testimonials of hospital mistreatment. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of these stories follow a common pattern, and virtually all include the administration of remdesivir, which, after a horrific experience, culminates in permanent injury or death. Moreover, in numerous distressing instances, these treatments were administered without informed consent.

Every week, FFFF online victim support groups share heart-wrenching stories; pleading for justice and seeking accountability. Their voices, combined with the meticulously documented Memory Project eyewitness accounts, are overwhelming. Consequently, this is not simply a matter of legal representation, but a voice for those who feel unheard and marginalised. It is about acknowledging the countless victims and ensuring they are respected and advocated for; as well as, exposing injustice, educating the public, and putting a stop to any further injuries and deaths.

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