Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 30 September 2023

How state censorship harmed the children of the lockdown

THE Telegraph lead on Wednesday was ‘Lockdown damage to children was preventable, Government told’. Indeed: we said this at the time.

We are told, ‘The harm caused to children by lockdown was preventable, leading charities and experts will tell the Government in a damning report. The Children’s Rights Organisations alliance says social distancing and the closure of schools and playgrounds during the Covid pandemic had “long-lasting and era-defining impacts”.’

The group, which includes Save the Children, Just for Kids Law and the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, was established to give written evidence to the Covid Inquiry in a report entitled What About The Children?

The Telegraph says: ‘Its headline finding is that the “worst impacts of the pandemic for children could have been prevented if their voices were heard and if children’s rights were considered by UK decision-makers”.’

Let’s stop there. We applaud this joint effort by groups representing the rights of children to try to hold the government to account three years later. But I don’t remember them saying much at the time though, especially the big charities. The only group I remember objecting were the small group Us for Them, who got together in May 2020. And I certainly do not remember a single paper speaking up for children at the time when the damage was being inflicted, you know, when it actually mattered. They were too busy slapping the label ‘granny killer’ on anyone who dared challenge Matt Hancock and his various decisions to wreck the lives of children. Meanwhile TCW was among the very few reporting the damage being done.

In addition, we must ask why were the voices of those who represent the rights of children not considered by UK decision-makers during lockdown? Indeed, why were they never heard even in the media, the only thing that ‘decision-makers’ Boris Johnson and the evil Hancock actually listened to at a time of mass hysteria?

And why, at the time, did the Telegraph and other papers not express any reservations about the Counter-Disinformation Unit, proudly launched by Oliver Dowden on March 30, 2020? Why did they not, until June 2 this year, identify this as a problem; why did they not question this unit from the start? 

Oh, yes, this brings us all the way round to our very own Ministry of Truth, Ofcom and how, as Kathy explained this week, we have been sleepwalking into state censorship and now it’s here.

This is why we keep banging on about state censorship and state media control. The point is that limiting what is said in the media on the issues of importance, at the time, has a very real impact. It means there was no opposition to the government and their dangerous and harmful policies which did so much harm to children.

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