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“Important News, at Last, We Have a Date for a Debate in Parliament on Excess Deaths.” – Andrew Bridgen

For nine months now Andrew Bridgen has been “asking Parliament on a weekly basis for a debate on the really important issue of excess deaths. This is an issue he says “that affects every community, and every constituency across the land.” he says and that “It has been affecting most of the developed world.”

However, It has been clear that the government and the opposition do not wish to support his request for this important debate and all of his requests have been unsuccessful until now. Today, Andrew Bridgen has been told the good news by the Speaker of the House of Commons that he has the adjournment debate on the 20th October 2023.

This is a chance to get all the science, all the facts and all the data, on the record. Bridgen says “It needs to be the best speech i’ve ever given, because, i’ll be speaking for all those who’ve sadly passed before their time, and for all of the bereaved relatives out there who want answers.”


Bridgen asked the house in July for this debate and saying “Since mid-2022, we have been suffering from excess deaths in the UK. So far this year, we have been seeing around 8% excess mortality. On a weekly basis, that means that around 950 more of our constituents are passing away each week than the five-year average. I have been requesting a debate on this matter regularly for the past six months to no avail. I can understand why the Government do not wish to debate this topic, but the silence from the Opposition parties is perplexing. May I ask the Leader of the House when the public will get an opportunity to witness a debate in this House on this issue of life and death that is affecting them, their friends and their families?”

Penny Mordaunt  who has been Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council since September 2022, replied “I am sorry that the hon. Member has not been able to secure a debate on this matter. He is sat next to the Chairman of the Backbench Business Committee, who is forever announcing opportunities to secure a debate. Perhaps if he would write to me in more detail about what he has done to secure a debate, I can advise and assist him further.

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