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“Fossil Fuel Treaty” activism is funded by a small group of global foundations

A network of activists is calling for a “Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.” They want a treaty to complement the Paris Climate Agreement to accelerate a global shift from using fossil fuels.

In 2021, ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, the World Economic Forum promoted the initiative as: “A new wave of activists is calling for global action and cooperation to phase out fossil fuels.”

But is it a “new wave of activists”?  To answer that, we need to find out who is hiding behind them.

As with all these conspiracies, following the money reveals the puppet masters pulling the strings.  Below we attempt to unravel the network to uncover the money behind the calls for a “Fossil Fuel Treaty.”  There are several foundations named which makes it fairly heavy going but if you bear with us, you’ll begin to see a pattern and a core group of global foundations emerge.

“Fossil Fuel Treaty” Alarmism

Despite bold declarations on a website that 8 nation states have supported the “fossil fuel treaty” proposal and 89 cities and local governments have endorsed it – along with an assortment of non-governmental organisations and activists – there is little to no detail of what such a treaty would entail except to “end the era of coal, oil and gas.”

“Oil, gas and coal are the root cause of the climate crisis,” the website declares without providing any evidence to back up its numerous fear-mongering mantras.  It also makes a ludicrous claim that “fossil fuels are weapons of mass destruction.”

We followed the hyperlink contained in the word “endorse as an individual” on its home page hoping to see a sensible proposal that signatories read before putting their names to and endorsing it.  But alas, the statement that appears next is as pitiful as the website.  Below is a screenshot of the well-evidenced and thoroughly thought-out call for a “new global treaty” that has been signed by more than 620,000 airheads activists:

There are more words in the details provided to government officials but the statement is still entirely without evidence or any attempt to address the devastation and deaths, globally, that will be caused if such a treaty came into being.  The “endorse as a government” has no words at all, governments must simply enter their details without being provided any information on what it is they are “signing.”  Yet, as the website claims without evidence, 8 nation states have “endorsed” it.

You can see a full list of government officials worldwide at the bottom of THIS webpage who have signed in support of this blatantly flawed activism and so are, without a doubt, unfit to hold public office at any level.

Shamefully 39 Members of the UK Parliament and House of Lords have put their names to it.  Embarrassingly, not only has Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton, signed up to this nonsense, but she is also highlighted as a “treaty champion.”

To understand who or what Lucas is supporting, endorsing and promoting it’s always worthwhile taking a look to see who is funding the campaign.  As a politician, Lucas would have done the same before she put her name to it and accepted the lofty title of “treaty champion.”

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