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Ulez ‘Blade Runners’ strike again: Mobile enforcement van is smashed up and left with flat tyres in ongoing war against Sadiq Khan’s crackdown on motorists

Anti-Ulez ‘Blade Runners’ have ramped up their campaign of vandalism trashing yet another one of Sadiq Khan‘s mobile ‘spy’ vans used to enforce London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Activists opposed to Mr Khan’s flagship policy – which last month expanded to cover the entire city – have already attacked hundreds of cameras prompting the London Mayor to roll out a fleet of vehicles to catch those flouting the rules.

But these too have become a target, with opponents to the Ulez – who call themselves ‘Blade Runners’ – slashing their tyres, spray painting cameras or blocking the vans in with large vehicles.

Pictures have now emerged of one of the vehicles having had its windows and windscreen smashed, in the latest escalation by activists determined to thwart Mr Khan’s much-hated levy.

The vans are equipped with ANPR cameras which scan the number plates of passing cars to detect if cars meet London’s emissions standards, with drivers being billed £12.50 if their vehicles don’t meet the required levels.

‘Spy’ van smashed up and left with flat tyres by Ulez activists

In the latest attack, filmed in a London road, the white Ulez van had both passenger windows smashed in, with three cracks on the windshield also visible, putting the van out of action. It also appeared to have a deflated tyre.

Video footage of the vandalism was shared on Facebook with the caption ‘The Bladerunners are not backing down’, with anti-Ulez campaigners mocking the criminal damage, hailing the vandalism as ‘amazing work’.

But the incident is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police, with the force today hitting out at the anti-Ulez vandals.

A spokeswoman from the Met told MailOnline: ‘We are aware of reports of damage to ANPR vans and are investigating. The Met has and continues to treat criminal activity in relation to Ulez seriously and has deployed considerable resources to our operation.

‘Where there are possible lines of enquiry, local investigators will follow up using a range of investigative approaches including CCTV trawls, witness searches and an assessment of forensic opportunities.

‘We are aware of posts on social media referencing Ulez cameras and techniques to disable them. If a report is made to police that someone has vandalised a camera, it will be investigated.’

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