Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 28 September 2023

Introducing our new series: “Mastering Masculinity with Darren Brooks” | Coming to – Sunday at 6pm (BST)

Coming to Ickonic THIS SUNDAY at 6pm (BST) –

Introducing our new series: “Mastering Masculinity with Darren Brooks”

In today’s world, masculinity faces various challenges. These challenges come from the mainstream media, government, and the prevailing narratives, which often depict a skewed and negative image of masculinity. In reality, true masculinity is far from the negative portrayals; it embodies qualities such as courage, responsibility, and strength.

In “Mastering Masculinity with Darren Brooks,” we delve deep into the essence of masculinity. It’s about becoming a protector, a provider, and a producer. It’s the journey towards becoming the best version of oneself and taking care of those around you. This series will explore the virtues of strength, responsibility, and the determination to handle whatever life throws your way. Join us as we redefine masculinity and uncover the true power it holds in today’s world.

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