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Letter challenging plans to make smart meters compulsory in fascist Britain that can be sent to your Member of Parliament – useless as most of them are

Letter of complaint against the UK Energy Bill

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Cc. Brian Stein CBE, EM Radiation Research Trust Chairman

18th September 2023

 For the attention of The Rt Hon Claire Coutinho MP, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero and Ofgem

Letter of complaint against the UK Energy Bill

The EM Radiation Research Trust charity is deeply concerned about the UK Parliament Energy Bill

The Energy Bill will force the introduction smart energy regulations upon citizens throughout the UK with threats of enforcement, prohibitions and sanctions against customers who refuse to comply.  Smart meters are known to carry health risks. There are concerns that smart meters are fire hazards and there are also concerns for privacy via the use of unauthorised surveillance monitoring of items within private homes.  The public are rightly concerned about threats for non-compliance with the introduction of enforcement with huge fines or even prison sentences for members of the public who refuse smart meters. Utilities and Government officials who use such threats could be committing an assault and trespass against innocent tax paying citizens within their own private homes.

It appears that some energy suppliers are riding roughshod over customer’s requests to opt out. Members of the public who do not wish to accept the risks associated with smart meters due to health concerns/ Electrosensitivity (ES) should be treated with respect by the energy supplier and allowed to use the right to opt out.  Freedom of choice should be protected.  We also call on the UK Government to protect the rights of customers who are unaware of health and safety risks associated with smart meters.  What about the elderly in care homes, those with no voice and above all our children. Isn’t it the Government’s duty to safeguard the public against risks?

Many people suffering with Electrosensitivity live in remote areas or attempt to shield against this form of radiation and often become prisoners in their own home.  Smart meters and smart appliances will offer no place to hide. Members of Parliament have a duty to uphold the law, including the general law against discrimination. What sort of society are we consigning those who are suffering with Electrosensitivity to live their lives in pain, enforced poverty and isolation?

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