Posted by Daniel Ford Posted on 27 September 2023

Gateway to the Cult

The Covid-19 crime against humanity featured an enormous global web of personnel, organisation, coordination and funding. Compartmentalisation meant that only a tiny few were aware of the implications of their contributions to the crime. One man, however, stands head and shoulders above any other name involved in the crime worldwide: Bill Gates. The scale, depth and breadth of Gates’ funding of the crime, and connections to those involved, is breathtaking, and cannot be entirely detailed in one article. I will detail some of Gates’ influence through money and connections, although it can only serve as a mere glimpse into his staggering conflict of interest.

The Covid crime and its multi-layered web is examined far deeper and more extensively in my book, Reality Check, featuring 364 pages including a devastating chapter running to 114 pages on the crime’s main motivation, the Covid fake vaccine. I have also covered the Covid crime in my podcasts Paper View and Second Opinion. Names stated in this article may have left and moved on to other organisations since writing Reality Check, but all were correct at time of writing and during the Covid crime.

Medical History

The Covid crime was a symptom of a disease which began to infect the medical world in 1847 which saw the advent of the American Medical Association. This was an incredibly significant transformation of medical practice worldwide, and

included medical doctors (MD’s) and doctors of osteopathy (DO’s).

In 1883, the Journal of the American Medical Association was created. By 

1897, the AMA became a private corporation owned by the global Cult for which Gates, as influential and rich on the global stage as he may be, is merely a marionette with his strings pulled by the hands of the hidden puppeteers. In 1899, the AMA introduced mandatory vaccinations with the smallpox vaccine. In 1901, the AMA set-up a 

committee on national legislation, the Council on Legislation. This organisation allowed 

unelected non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and 

think-tanks to influence elected representatives and lawmakers’ 

policy and decisions, a trend which continues to this day, not 

just in medicine but across global society in general.

NGO’s and think-tanks are a major vehicle for introducing the Cult’s agenda 

under the guise of philanthropy or a talking shop. 1904 saw the 

creation of the Council on Medical Education which regulated 

medical schools. In Cult agenda terms, this means allowing them 

only to teach in a way which suits the Cult. This is the same concept 

as the state-imposed curriculum in schools in general. 

Alternative healing was removed from medical school curriculums 

in place of Rockefeller-sponsored allopathic medicine which has 

been the medicine and healing approach followed by conventional 

healing and medicine ever since. Let’s not kid ourselves that the 

Rockfellers, most significantly John D. Rockefeller, don’t know that 

alternative healing works and don’t use it on themselves. The Cult 

know that the healing practices they, through the media and 

academia, condemn and criticise actually work and that’s why they’re 

condemned and criticised. What need have the global Cult of a healthy, sharp-thinking and open-minded population when their means of control is manipulation and suppression? The Gates family have close connections to the Rockefellers and thus, the Cult. Gates’ father, William H. Gates, was an executive of Planned Parenthood, a eugenics operation which Gates funds. If Gates funds it, the Cult wants it.

The Flexner Report, written by Abraham Flexner, 

neither a physician nor a student of medicine, was published in 1910 

to ‘educate’ Americans on medicine and healing based on 

conventional scientific principles. In other words, scientific 

principles which are most beneficial to the Cult’s agenda. Abraham 

Flexner was the brother of Simon Flexner, employed by the 

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. Two key conventional

scientific principles of healing are the belief in materialism and scalpel and drug treatment. The Flexner Report stipulated that medical schools were unable to exist without permission from government, which only allows them to follow conventional healing 

practices of materialism, medicine and vaccination. The Flexner 

Report’s stipulations were to be applied worldwide and this is still 

the case today. 

Pandemic Preparedness

One name mentioned by virtually nobody in relation to the Covid 

crime is Victor Dzau, who took part in the European Union’s 

Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Conference on 

May 4th, 2020, focused on diagnostics, treatments and a vaccine. 

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, 

said in that event, “without you, Victor, my friend, none of this 

would have been possible”. She was referring to a Pledging 

Conference, which brought together organisations and 

individuals, including the National Academy of Medicine, the 

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, World Bank, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, Coalition for Epidemic 

Preparedness and Innovations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board was co-convened in 2018 by the World Health Organisation and the World Bank, and so it is those two organisations under another 

name. World leaders were given a script to read to camera at the 

event advocating for vaccines and the pre-determined response to 

the ‘virus’ ultimately planned by the Cult. This is appropriate 

because world leaders and government advisors worldwide were 

reading a script from 2020 onwards called Covid policy. Dzau is a 

Cult Zionist whose father owned a chemical manufacturing 

company. Dzau was the previous chairman of the National Institutes of 

Health directed by Anthony Fauci and the Cardiovascular Disease 

Advisory Committee to Anthony Fauci, who is a former board 

member of the GPMB. Dzau had work commissioned by Congress and the American government when working at 

the National Academy of Medicine in the United States. Dzau is also 

a board member of Research!America, a ‘market research’ 

company aimed at advocating for whatever vaccine or drug Big 

Pharma wants to push next. The National Academy of Medicine is 

no longer government funded, except here and there; it is now 

privately funded. Who are these private funders? The Rockefeller 

Foundation; the U.S. Agency for International 

Development, an agency of the US State Department; the 

Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The 

Wellcome Trust has a very relevant trustee … Bill Gates. The 

International Oversight Group of the National Academy of Medicine 

includes the Rockefeller Foundation; the World Economic 

Forum of Event 201 fame; the Pan American Health Organisation 

(parent organisation, the World Health Organisation), the 

Wellcome Trust and … yes, you’ve guessed it … The Bill & 

Melinda Gates Foundation. The GPMB is funded by Germany. The 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a global partner of the 

World Health Organisation, Resolve to Save Lives through Dr. Tom 

Frieden, former CDC Commissioner of Health of the city of New 

York and Bloomberg Philanthropies; the Wellcome Trust and …

yes, you’ve guessed it … the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The GPMB commissioned organisations to write reports for them 

about global health. These organisations were, as listed on their 


Anthrologica & the International Federation of 

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Independent Oversight 

Advisory Committee (IOAC) for the WHO Health Emergencies 

Programme; Johns Hopkins University Center for Health 

Security; University of Oxford & Chatham House (Royal 

Institute of International Affairs – Round Table); Wellcome 

Trust; the World Bank Group and the World Health Organization. 

The GPMB Secretariat, basically the WHO, under the direction of 

GPMB director Alex Ross, authored the report, with writer 

Nellie Bristol, senior associate at the Center for Strategic and 

International Studies, a think-tank which influences US foreign 

policy so there must be connections to Israel. The report featured significant 

contributions from:

Amelie Rioux, GPMB technical officer; Tore 

Godal, who has worked for the WHO, served as Executive 

Secretary for GAVI and spent time at yes, you’ve guessed it … the 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Benedikte Alveberg, 

GPMB co-Chair support staff, Senior adviser of the Section for 

International Cooperation and Preparedness Ministry of Health; 

Toomas Palu, Adviser on Global Health Coordination at the World 

Bank; Samuel Loewenberg, writer for the World Health 

Organisation, who has consulted on global health issues for a variety 

of international agencies and has produced investigative and analysis 

articles for most of the major American, UK, and European 

newspapers; Carolyn Reynolds, co-founder of the Pandemic 

Action Network, which drives government policy worldwide in 

relation to pandemics, a satellite organisation of Panorama 

Global, founded and chaired by Gabrielle Fitzgerald who 

previously held leadership positions at the Paul G. Allen Family 

Foundation, the U.S. Agency for International Development and yes, you’ve guessed it … the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Reynolds also served as a speechwriter for President Clinton, which 

tells you something on its own, and Victoria Birungi. Members of 

the World Bank Group were also involved, namely Annette 

Dixon, Vice-President of HR; Tim Evans, who previously headed 

the evidence, information, research and policy clusters at the WHO

and will now serve as the World Bank’s director for health, nutrition 

and population and Nigerian politician and former health minister 

Muhammad Pate, who currently serves as the Global Director for 

Health, Nutrition and Population.

A series of policy documents were drawn up, all of which can be 

found on the GPMB website on the Annual Reports page but one 

was particularly significant given the title, which was produced by 

the International Oversight and Advisory Commitee for the World

Health Organisation Health Emergencies Programme, and was 

entitled From Never Again to the New Normal, produced 

before September 2019 when an amalgamation of all the policy 

documents was drawn up entitled A World At Risk. The WHO and 

World Bank created the GPMB which commissioned organisations, 

including the WHO and the World Bank, to write reports 

culminating in A World At Risk in which one of the recommendations 

was increased funding for organisations connected to …. go on, have 

a guess … yep, you’ve guessed right again … the Bill & Melinda 

Gates Foundation and the International Development Association, a 

satellite organisation of the World Bank which, along with the 

WHO, created the GPMB.

One of the policy documents, 

Preparedness for a Hight Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic, was 

written by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Johns Hopkins University was central in the counting of cases and deaths globally during the Covid crime. A World At 

Risk, an amalgamation of those other reports including the Johns 

Hopkins report, was published in September 2019. Event 201 took 

place in October 2019. Event 201 featured names and faces which 

would later appear in other guises, namely, Chris Elias, president

of the Global Development Division of … you know by now, 

funding the NAM and the GPMB, of whom Chris Elias is a board 

member. Jeremy Farrar is director of the Wellcome Trust, was a participant in Event 

201, and is a board member of the GPMB. There is also another 

interesting character (and psychopath) on the board of the GPMB … 

no, it’s not Bill Gates (this time) … it’s Anthony Fauci, director of 

the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, an agency 

of the National Institutes of Health, and advisor to Donald Trump

and Joe Biden as part of the Coronavirus Task Force in the White 

House in America. 

The GPMB commissioned the reports which culminated in A World 

At Risk which gets funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & 

Melinda Gates Foundation which were recommended to receive 

additional funding as a result of those reports. This is the same 

Anthony Fauci with financial connections to Bill Gates. Fauci was on 

the ‘Scientific’ Board of Global Grand Challenges, a project of the 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, from 2003-2010. For ‘challenges’, 

read ‘solving real or non-existent challenges in a way which advances 

the Cult’s agenda’. Another board member of the GPMB? Victor 

Dzau. In 2015, you know who talked about the threat of a pandemic in the coming years and said that a new organisation would be necessary to prepare and meet the threat. This 

organisation, to which eight billion dollars was donated, founded by 

the Wellcome Trust, World Economic Forum, the governments of 

Norway, India, Japan and Germany, as well as the Bill & Melinda 

Gates Foundation, was named CEPI, Coalition for Epidemic 

Preparedness Innovations. CEPI had strong support from the 

world’s top 6 pharmaceutical companies, namely Merck, Johnson 

& Johnson, Sanofi, Takeda, Pfizer, GSK – all of which are 

funded by you know who. 

The board included … Victor Dzau. The event took place, as I said, 

on May 4th, 2020. The next day, world leaders pledged nearly seven 

and a half billion dollars for a coronavirus ‘vaccine’ to be funnelled 

through … CEPI, GAVI, the Global Fund and Unitaid, the very 

organisations I mentioned earlier. 

These organisations are funded and owned by The Bill & Melinda 

Gates Foundation and then money is funnelled through these 

organisations to be given back to the Bill & Melinda Gates 

Foundation. The organisation also runs the Bill & Melinda Gates 

Foundation Trust, an endowment fund.

Tim Evans also took part in Event 201. Evans also joined McGill University in September 2019 as the Inaugural Director and Associate Dean of the School of 

Population and Global Health. Evans lamented the fact at the Bill & 

Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored Event 201 that the planning

exercises never translate to any real-world application because they 

are simulations of pandemics so focus needs to move to financing 

protection and preparedness for pandemics in the real-world. 

Translated, this means they need something to happen to “get that 

financed” finally. I mentioned that Tim Evans joined McGill University in 

September 2019. Victor Dzau graduated from McGill University 

and in 2018, announced the opening of a new institute at the 

university called the School of Population and Global Health.

John Edmunds, a British epidemiologist, and a professor in the Faculty 

of Epidemiology and Population Health at the London School of 

Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said in January 2021 that lifting 

lockdown at that time too early would be a disaster and the country 

needed to “vaccinate much, much, much more widely than the 

elderly”. Edmunds is married to Jeanne Pimenta, director of 

epidemiology at GlaxoSmithKline who holds shares in the company. 

GSK is funded by Bill Gates and has produced fake vaccines for fake 

variants that Edmunds has talked publicly about. Edmunds is the 

dean of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s 

Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health which is primarily 

funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gates-established and funded GAVI Vaccine Alliance. Edmunds is part of 

the UK Vaccine Network as is Neil Ferguson and Chris Whitty. 

Public Health England’s Susan Hopkins is an author of her 

organisation’s non-peer-reviewed reports on ‘new variants’. 

Hopkins is a professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College London. Ferguson is acting Director of the Imperial College

Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium funded by the Bill and 

Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI. From this perspective, it is no 

surprise to see an article in the Independent newspaper entitled UK lockdown could 

be indefinite until a vaccine is found, warn scientists advising government

Gates himself has said exactly the same and that is no surprise when 

Ferguson is just a mouthpiece for Gates.

SAGE advice? Get stuffed

The UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies 

members list features endless connections to Bill Gates and Gates-funded and connected organisations.

Marc Baguelin of Imperial College London has received grant funding from the Wellcome 

Trust of Bill Gates and the UK Medical Research Council funded by Bill Gates.

Dinesh Aggarwal is a research fellow of, and received clinical funding from, the Wellcome Trust. Professor

Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer to the UK 

government, has had individual consultancy and advisory 

engagements related to Influenza for GlaxoSmithKline, Baxter and 


Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, held a nonexecutive position at the Malawi and Liverpool Wellcome Unit, of 

the Wellcome Trust, on the Scientific Advisory Board.

Many researchers must publish open access as part of their funding agreement with the Royal Society whose publishing policies meet the guidelines set down by a range of 

major funders including the Wellcome Trust, Research England, 

NIH, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the European 

Commission, among others.

Professor Iain E. Buchan is Chief Science Adviser to AstraZeneca funded by Bill Gates. 

Professor Charlotte Deane has received 

research funding from the Medical Research Council, Roche, 

GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim (pharma 

company), Exscentia AI Limited (funded by Gates), Benevolent AI 

(funded by Gates) and Kymab Ltd. (pharma company) and has had 

individual consultancy advisory engagements with Roche. 

Professor Sheila Rowan is a Fellow at the Royal Society and 

a trustee of the Population Investigation Committee which started 

out life as a eugenics organisation formed by the Council of the 

Eugenics Society in 1936. This historical fact is stated on the website 

of the Wellcome Collection, part of the Wellcome Trust

Professor Chantal Edge has received research funding from the Wellcome Trust. 

Professor Gavin Screation has connections to GlaxoSmithKline. 

Professor James Wood receives research funding from the 

Wellcome Trust.

Dr. James Rubin is an honorary non-medical 

consultant to Public Health England which has received Gates 


Professor Sharon Peacock has received research funding for two projects from the 

Wellcome Trust running from 2014 to 2024 and is on the 

Coronavirus External Advisory Board and mRNA Scientific Advisory 

Panel Infectious Disease Vaccines Subcommittee at Pfizer.

Professor Yvonne Doyle is a visiting professor at University College London 

(funded by Bill Gates) and was a co-applicant and collaborator on the 

Wellcome award of the Wellcome Trust.

Professor Peter Horby carried out trials for pharmaceutical companies Gilead, Abbvie, 

Roche and Regeneron. Horby also is a recipient of research funding from the Wellcome Trust COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator. 

Horby has taken part in a trial for Boehringer Ingleheim Pharma 

GmH and Co.

Professor Graham Medley received a research grant 

from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States 

Agency for International Development, a federal agency of the US 

government. Horby is the Chair of NERVTAG (New and Emerging 

Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group), a UK government 


Professor Peter Openshaw of NERVTAG has received 

a grant from GlaxoSmithKline and has connections to Sanofi, Janssen 

and Novartis. Professor Catherine Noakes is an invited speaker at 

the British Society for Immunology and a member of the Bill Gates 

funded World Health Organisation.

Professor Callum Semple has 

received a research grant at the University of Liverpool from the 

Wellcome Trust and received a ‘Gift of Clinical Trial Investigational 

Material’ from Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA.

Professor Wendy Barclay has received research funding from pharmaceutical companies Roche and Sequirus.

Professor Andrew Rambaut has received research 

funding from Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Professor Michael Parker is Professor of Bioethics at Nuffield 

Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford 

funded by Bill Gates, a member of the World Health Organisation 

Working Group on 2019-nCov (Covid virus); Director of the 

Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities and has received 

research funding from the Wellcome Trust for projects involving the 

World Health Organisation and Johns Hopkins Global Infectious 

Disease Ethics Collaborative, a collaboration with the Berman 

Institute for Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, funded by 

Bill Gates.

Professor Sir Mark Walport is a chair of the Imperial 

Academic Health Sciences Centre at Imperial College and is an 

Honorary Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Imperial College. 

Sir Jeremy Farrar is a name you might remember from earlier as a 

founding partner and board member of the Coalition for Epidemic 

Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and a member of the Global 

Preparedness Monitoring Board as well as a director of the 

Wellcome Trust. Farrar is also a chair of the World Health Organisation Research and Development Blueprint; a chair of the 

Genome Research Limited Board of the Wellcome Sanger Institute; 

a vice-chair of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious 

Disease Preparedness funded by Bill Gates; is on the advisory board 

of the New England Journal of Medicine and won a Research 

Investigator Award at the Wellcome Trust; a member of the Vaccine 

Taskforce; a Fellow at the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal 

College of Physicians, the Wellcome Trust, Universities UK and the 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Farrar is also on the Global 

Health Advisory Board advising the German government and is, 

at least officially, an advisor to Gates’ mate and puppet, Tedros.

Sir Venki Ramakrishnan is a former President of the Royal Society and 

won a Research Investigator Award from the Wellcome Trust. 

Professor Sir Ian Boyd is a member and fellow of the Royal Society 

Science Policy Advisory Group and a member of the Steering Group 

of other Royal Society programmes and a fellow of other Royal 

Society organisations.

Professor Brooke Rogers is a professor of behavioural science, as opposed to medical science, and security at King’s College, London and a Chair of the Cabinet Office 

Behavioural Science Expert Group. Rogers has also been a 

member of the Public Health England Emergency Response 

Development Group’s Psychosocial and Behavioural Issues Subgroup, an honorary research fellow in the Emergency Response 

Department of Public Health England and has been on the Royal 

Society Steering Committee on Scientific Aspects of International 

Security. Rogers also receives research funding from the National 

Institutes of Health, funded by Bill Gates. 

Sir Michael Ferguson is a deputy Chair on the Wellcome Trust 

board of governors. Professor Russell Viner receives research 

funding from the Wellcome Trust. Professor Andrew Morris is a 

member of the Industrial Council of Novartis (pharma company), a 

fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a shareholder in 

GlaxoSmithKline and a member of the Wellcome Trust.

Professor Matt Keeling has received research funding from the Bill & Melinda 

Gates Foundation. Dr. Ian Hall has an honorary contract from Public Health England funded to the University of Manchester which is funded by Bill Gates and has received research funding for a project on vaccination from the Wellcome Trust. Professor Kamlesh Khunti 

has been a “consultant/speaker or received grants from”, according. 

to the document, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, 

Boehringer Ingleheim, Sanofi and Berlin-Chemie AG/Menarini 


Dr. David Halpern is a 7.5% shareholder in Behavioural 

Insights Ltd., and an unpaid visiting professor of Imperial College 

London and King’s College London.

Dr. Laura Merson receives research funding from the Wellcome Trust and Oxford University. 

Professor Iain E. Buchan is the Chief Data Science Advisor for 

AstraZeneca at the University of Liverpool and Professor Dame 

Linda Partridge receives research funding from the Wellcome Trust. 

Devi Shridhar, an American public health researcher, who is both 

professor and chair of global public health at the University of 

Edinburgh, has served on the World Economic Forum Council on 

the Health Industry and Expert review group of the Wellcome 

Trust. Sridhar has pushed for all adults to get fake vaccinated.

TV doctor Hillary Jones has also pushed for widespread fake 

vaccination. Jones is a member of the board and medical advisor at 

MedTate, which is partnered with Givaudan funded by Bill 

Gates. Stephan Lewandovsky, Chair of Cognitive Psychology at 

University of Bristol, is an agenda contributor for the World 

Economic Forum.

Professor Peter Hotez, Departments of Paediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, has called for widespread fake vaccination. Prof. Hotez started the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative, a 

product development partnership which is supported by the Bill and 

Melinda Gates Foundation. A survey by Ipsos MORI of more than 

8,300 people aged over sixteen in the UK found seventy-eight 

percent were in favour of vaccine passports to travel abroad or to 

visit a relative living in a care home. Ipsos MORI is funded by the 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and has already received over one 

million in funding.

Fair and balanced?

Despite the wide variety of opinion and alternative verifiable 

information, the national media worldwide has pushed only one 

narrative on Covid-19. A vast number of people in Britain trust BBC 

News to report the truth about world and current events, but would 

they if they realised that the man at the centre of the Covid hoax is 

funding the BBC to the tune of millions of pounds? Bill Gates funds a 

long list of media organisations, charities closely aligned with big 

media outlets and a wide network of investigative journalism 

centres. Gates alone has enormous global media influence. Here are media organisations, 

investigative journalism centres, journalist training grants and media 

projects Gates funds taken from the Gates Foundation’s own 


NPR- $24,663,066

The Guardian (including $12,951,391 

Cascade Public Media – $10,895,016

Public Radio International ( $7,719,113

The Conversation- $6,664,271

Univision- $5,924,043

Der Spiegel (Germany)- $5,437,294 

Project Syndicate- $5,280,186

Education Week – $4,898,240

WETA- $4,529,400

NBCUniversal Media- $4,373,500

Nation Media Group (Kenya) – $4,073,194

Le Monde (France)- $4,014,512

Bhekisisa (South Africa) – $3,990,182

El País – $3,968,184

BBC- $3,668,657

CNN- $3,600,000 

KCET- $3,520,703

Population Communications International ( –


The Daily Telegraph – $3,446,801

Chalkbeat – $2,672,491 

The Education Post- $2,639,193

Rockhopper Productions (U.K.) – $2,480,392

Corporation for Public Broadcasting – $2,430,949

UpWorthy – $2,339,023 – funded by a former director of, which receives huge funding from George Soros

Financial Times – $2,309,845

The 74 Media- $2,275,344

Texas Tribune- $2,317,163

Punch (Nigeria) – $2,175,675

News Deeply – $1,612,122

The Atlantic- $1,403,453

Minnesota Public Radio- $1,290,898

YR Media- $1,125,000

The New Humanitarian- $1,046,457

Sheger FM (Ethiopia) – $1,004,600

Al-Jazeera- $1,000,000

ProPublica- $1,000,000

Crosscut Public Media – $810,000

Grist Magazine- $750,000

Kurzgesagt – $570,000

Educational Broadcasting Corp – $506,504

Classical 98.1 – $500,000

PBS – $499,997

Gannett – $499,651

Mail and Guardian (South Africa)- $492,974

Inside Higher Ed.- $439,910

BusinessDay (Nigeria) – $416,900 – $412,000 

Nutopia- $350,000

Independent Television Broadcasting Inc. – $300,000

Independent Television Service, Inc. – $300,000

Caixin Media (China) – $250,000

Pacific News Service – $225,000

National Journal – $220,638

Chronicle of Higher Education – $149,994

Belle and Wissell, Co. $100,000

Media Trust – $100,000

New York Public Radio – $77,290

KUOW – Puget Sound Public Radio – $5,310

International Center for Journalists- $20,436,938

Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria) –


The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting – $2,432,552

Fondation EurActiv Politech – $2,368,300

International Women’s Media Foundation – $1,500,000

Center for Investigative Reporting – $1,446,639

InterMedia Survey institute – $1,297,545

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – $1,068,169

Internews Network – $985,126

Communications Consortium Media Center – $858,000

Institute for Nonprofit News – $650,021

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies- $382,997

Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism (Nigeria) –


Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies – $254,500

Global Forum for Media Development (Belgium) – $124,823

Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting – $100,000

Education Writers Association – $5,938,475

National Newspaper Publishers Association – $3,249,176

National Press Foundation- $1,916,172

Washington News Council- $698,200

American Society of News Editors Foundation – $250,000

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press- $25,000

Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies – $254,500 

The Aftermath Project- $15,435

European Journalism Centre – $20,060,048

Well Told Story Limited – $9,870,333

Solutions Journalism Inc.- $7,254,755 

Entertainment Industry Foundation – $6,688,208 

Participant Media – $3,914,207

Center for Advocacy and Research – $2,200,630

The Sesame Workshop – $2,030,307

Panos Institute West Africa – $1,809,850 

Thomson Media Foundation- $860,628

Communications Consortium Media Center – $858,000

StoryThings- $799,536

Helianthus Media – $575,064 

Ikana Media – $425,000

Beijing Guokr Interactive – $300,000 

Upswell- $246,918

Bay Area Video Coalition- $190,000

Development Media International – $100,000

The Filmmakers Collaborative – $50,000

Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia Inc. – $25,000 

SIFF – $13,000

Gates is also funding AlJazeera news in the Middle East which 

broadcasts worldwide; Univision television in Spain; PBS News in 

America; ProPublica news in America; National Journal Group;

an advisory services company based in Washington, D.C., offering 

services in government affairs, advocacy communications, 

stakeholder mapping, and policy brands research for government 

and business leaders; Financial Times; The Atlantic, an American 

political commentary magazine in America; Washington Monthly, a 

bimonthly non-profit magazine of United States politics and 

government that is based in Washington, D.C.; the Bureau for 

Investigative Journalism in America; the Centre for Investigative 

Reporting in America; the Seattle Indian Health Board;

Solutions Journalism Network in America; Harvard University in 

America; Oxford University in Britain; Manchester University in 

Britain; Cambridge University in Britain; University of North 

Carolina at Chapel Hill in America; Joan and Sanford I. Weill 

Medical College of Cornell University in America; California 

Institute of Technology; University of California San 

Francisco; University of Washington Foundation; Emory University in America; University of Texas at Austin; American 

Association of Community Colleges; Peking University; Titan 

Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Merck Pharmaceuticals; Novartis, 

Johnson&Johnson; BioNTech; Pfizer; Infectious Diseases 

Research Collaboration and many, many more organisations. 

How can the media claim to be unbiased with such glaring conflict of 

interest? This is certainly not an exhaustive list, and another example 

of Gates’ media influence is his partnership with Viacom, announced 

in 2009, to place ‘educational content’ into Viacom and CBS 

productions, as was reported on the CBS News website. The 

partnership was part of Gates’ “Get Schooled” initiative which 

officially is aimed at improving education and addressing the nation’s 

education crisis. In truth, the initiative is about keeping kids in school to be 

programmed for longer. Gates also gives grants for producing 

articles for academic journals, with a $13.9 million grant towards 

creating content for prestigious scientific journals, with The Lancet being 

one example.

News organisations not funded by Gates

nevertheless reported the Covid hoax in the same way as those 

receiving funding. I am not saying that all these organisations are 

involved in the Covid hoax although some have been. I am merely 

pointing out a fraction of Gates’ influence in selling a narrative 

worldwide which is then incessantly repeated by those not 

connected to Gates which then reaches the population who largely 

do no research of their own and themselves repeat the narrative to 

each other. Anyone wonder any more how a fictional narrative can 

be sold all over the world?

A Shot in the Dark

The Bill Gates-funded Covid-19 fake vaccine was approved in Britain by 

the MHRA. The board of the Bill Gates-funded MHRA includes 

June Raine, Chief Executive and a member of the World Health 

Organisation Committee on Safety and Medicinal Products.

Dr. Junaid Bajwa, Non-Executive Director has connections to Microsoft, 

Merck, Sharp and Dohme.

Amanda Calvert, Non-Executive Director, is connected to Gates-funded AstraZeneca.

Professor Graham Cooke, Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chair, is 

connected to the World Health Organisation.

Haider Hussain, NonExecutive Director, is connected to Microsoft.

Raj Long, NonExecutive Director, is connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Ventures, Novartis, and the World Health 


The board of the CDC includes Rochelle Walensky, Director. 

Walensky served as Professor of Medicine at Gates-funded Harvard 

Medical School; the National Institutes of Health as a Chair of the 

Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council and previously served as 

an advisor to both the Gates-owned World Health Organisation and 

the Frankist-created Joint United Nations Programme on 

HIV/AIDS. Walensky has been at the forefront of the Covid hoax in 

her role at the CDC including pushing the Covid vaccine.

The Advisory Committee to Walensky includes David Warren Fleming, 

M.D., a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of 

Washington, School of Public Health. Fleming was the Director of Global Health Strategies at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and 

previously served as the Deputy Director for Science and Public 

Health at the CDC.

Government advisors pushing the Covid fake vaccine to the public in government press conferences had ties to Gates. Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England, worked for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2008 which received £40m from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation towards malaria research. Whitty was also a Chief Science Advisor to GlaxoSmithKline.

Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor for England, was the President of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline and has shares worth £600,000 in the Big Pharma company. GlaxoSmithKline partnered with CureVac, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to produce fake vaccines for the Covid variants.

Anthony Fauci, formerly advising Trump and Biden as part of the US government’s Coronavirus Task Force, is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is on the Leadership Council of the Decades of Vaccines Collaboration and has close ties with Gavi.

Conflicts of interest abound in the Covid crime. I am not casting aspersions on everyone named in this article, although some have knowingly played their part. 

The perpetrators of the crime, and the organisations and global structure of coordination which made the crime possible, must be held accountable in a Nuremberg-type trial, and only public pressure will ensure that happens.

My new book, Reality Check, is now available from and Waterstones.

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