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Dictator Dan Departs

Victorians are gearing up for a major celebration scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, as they mark the resignation of Premier Dan Andrews, who, if there had been a WEF competition for the harshest despot during the “Covid” era, would have likely been a top contender.

As a result of this he has not been a popular figure and now due to his resignation there is to be a celebration organised by the Melbourne Freedom Rally, who are thrilled at the news and advise that the event is set to be a “significant gathering at the steps of Victorian Parliament House, where locals will come together to mark the end of Andrews’ long reign as Premier.”

Although, the Mail reports that “Andrews’ announcement of his resignation came as a shock to many when he held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, revealing that he would step down from his position starting at 5pm on the 27th.” clearly many others feel they have waited far too long for this day.

As the longest-serving Labor Premier in Victoria’s history, his departure is a historic moment for the state and has been welcomed by many who protested Andrews’ harsh rule during the brutal Covid-19 lockdowns.

Back in December 2021 “swarms of protesters” took to Melbourne’s streets demonstrating against vaccine mandates and chanting “sack Dan Andrews” which he well deserved if we remind ourselves of the shocking heavy hand that Andrews used on his own people during the plandemic.

The Mad Dictator

Although, Andrews had at one time blamed ‘creeping complacency’ in Aussie attitudes “that the virus has been able to ruthlessly exploit.” Arguably, he put an end to this perceived “complacency” by exerting despotic control over Victorians and the world watched on in horror.

The Crazz Files reported two years ago “As violent and rogue militarized thugs roam Melbourne city streets looking for unarmed civilians to bash, shoot, arrest and terrify, the psychotic entities serving the Andrews communist regime continue their unrelenting and hateful attack against the people.” 


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