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Technocracy: ‘Sustainable’ Is The New Code Word For Genocide

The trouble with writing about Genocide before it actually happens is that you sound tin foil hat crazy, so I went looking for other people who understand and can see patterns. I found English writer Karen Harradine, and US writer Naomi Wolf, and no doubt there are others, not yet found. I am reminded of the US press agents in Berlin, warning their Jewish friends to get out because of the Nazis in the 1920s, a warning few of them acted on. I came to know about this, because my childhood next-door neighbours were German Jews, their father had listened to the warning and got his family out to Australia early enough.  In talking to Karen Harradine, I know it is a great frustration that so many people are so clueless, zombie-like they live their lives.

Naomi Wolf sums it up well in a recent article, “The problem with history is that it has not happened before in just that way. Meaning, just before people were put into boxcars and murdered, you would have sounded crazy if you had said, I am afraid people will be put into boxcars and murdered. Before the English set up inadequate “soup kitchens” with “vile soup” that made the dysentery of a targeted population worse, and hastened their departure from the land or hastened their death, you would have sounded crazy if you had said, I am afraid the British government will subvert the “feeding programs” they are deploying in Ireland, in order to get troublesome tenants off of the land. Before smallpox was used as a bioweapon in an effort to depopulate Native American tribes, in a way that could serve to “Extirpate this Execreble.”

Another thing I have noticed is just how many stock market analysis and traders are starting to connect the Genocide dots, perhaps because it is an important skill of operating successfully in markets, looking at probabilities, trends, and market or situational structure.

So once more in history a few of us are screaming of pending Genocide, to a world that is mostly deaf, actually worse than deaf. Dismissive with the ignorant reframe, people have actually been taught by the media and the Globalist Fascists, “It’s a conspiracy theory” usually accompanied by a slight chuckle which is meant on one hand to put the person giving the warning down, but also holds just a slight nervous twinge that the person providing the warning may be correct. These people do not even understand that they have been taught the, “conspiracy theory”, reply, They are robots, it was a reframe and cover up invented by the US CIA in the 1960s.

The Globalists and their Malthusian, Flying Monkey Greens are anti-human, anti-God, they want to reduce the Global population down from 7 billion people, to 1 billion people. Through a range of methods much of which they have already put in train. To see the future all you need do now is follow the trend to an obvious conclusion.

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