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Some nasty little surprises in ‘Covid’ mRNA ‘vaccines’

From the development of mRNA products to their approval for widespread use in the population where billions of individuals were pressured to receive them, there seems to have been a deliberate ploy to hide their potential dangers. It is difficult to believe that the adverse effects of these products are accidental; rather, the evidence suggests that these harms have been intentionally incorporated into the mRNA technology.

Some Nasty Little Surprises in the Covid-19 mRNA “Vaccines”

by Simon Lee Science Officer AnewUK.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to critical thinkers (laypeople, doctors, and scientists) around the world that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are not safe or effective nor were they even necessary in the first place.”

Excess Deaths Following the “Vaccine”

U.S. mortality data for 2020 did not support the allegation of a pandemic, because there was no peak in excess deaths in that year in comparison to the last two decades. The CDC has continually revised upwards the number claimed to have died in 2020.

2020 US mortality remained at about 1% of the total population, similar to the previous 3 years, in which there was no declared pandemic. Mortality for 2020 was less than for 2021 the year of the COVID-19 “vaccine” mass uptake.

December 2020 had by far the highest number of deaths of any month in 2020 in the US. Each of the last three weeks of December 2020 exceeded 25,000 excess deaths per week, whereas even the worst COVID-19 hospitalisation weeks (the first two weeks of April 2020) did not exceed 25,000 excess deaths per week. December 2020 was the month that the “vaccines” became available to the public.

Early 2021 showed striking excess deaths, and the COVID-19 “vaccine” was the new factor. January to November 2020 showed an average of 274,000 deaths in the US per month, but since December 2020, according to CDC data, the average number of deaths per month increased to 288,250.

As soon as the “vaccines” were widely distributed, the total number of deaths per week for the rest of 2020 from all causes in the US jumped from 63,000 to 84,000, which is a 32% increase. This is unlikely to be due to any other cause but the “vaccines”.

Deaths per week in the US in each of the first seven weeks following the Pfizer and Moderna rollout all exceeded even the deadliest weeks of 2020 (the two weeks ending April 11 and April 18 of 2020). This should be enough to make anyone hesitant about the so-called vaccines.

Safety Data

The recently vaccinated, have falsely been labelled “unvaccinated,” which has confounded much of the reported data. Injuries and deaths have all peaked closely following vaccination.

The safety data for these “vaccines” are nothing less than horrifying. Even more horrifying is the conspiracy of silence and censorship in the media and much of the scientific establishment.

“There were more than enough safety signals in VAERS, even in January 2021 … Beyond a safety signal being detected … across all age groups … there were almost 700 deaths.  Once you surpass a certain number of deaths … it’s time to call the product off the market, to recall it.” Dr Jessica Rose.

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