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27 Year-Old Footballer Maddy Cusack Dies and Suddenly the Media Have No Curiosity to Find Out Why

A 27 year-old footballer, Maddy Cusack, has died.

This has been reported on many news sites, including the BBC.

Reports tell how “devastated” everyone who knew her is. Most state that the cause of her death is unknown.

Beyond this there is no investigation. And no speculation. It is simply declared as a regrettable fact.

However, even cursory digging by the journalists would have hinted at a possible route of inquiry:

If the situation had concerned ‘severe weather events’ or ‘toxic air’ or Russell Brand’s shenanigans or ‘the environmental effects of diesel vehicles’ or ‘transphobia’ or ‘the continuing dangers of Covid’, or any other fashionable anxiety, this association would in all probability have been used to claim causation.

But not in the case of the unfortunate Maddy.

To the rush-to-conclusion group mind, isolated incidents of bad (or good) weather show climate change is happening. And that humans are somehow to blame. Yet isolated incidents of healthy young people dying show nothing at all.

Examples are everywhere:

Extremes of weather will strike the U.K. more frequently owing to the climate crisis, scientists said after data showed that last year was one of the warmest, as well as one of the wettest and sunniest, on record.

Last year was the first to figure in the top 10 for heat, rain and hours of sunshine, in records stretching back more than a century, as moderate British weather is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, according to a report from the Met Office and climate scientists. …

Liz Bentley, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society [said]…

“When we saw the extreme heat events over the summer last year, the roads were starting to melt, on the rail network the rails started to buckle so all the trains have to slow down and we see lots of cancellations and postponements. The electrical cabling starts to buckle as well, and so we see power outages,” she said. “The impacts that it’s going to have on our daily lives [mean] it will start to have a much more negative effect than just some kind of warm sunny day.”

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