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Canadian Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to Man Who Served in Waffen SS

Back in 2021, the Canadian academic Eric Kaufmann wrote that his native country was swiftly becoming “the world’s first woke nation”. And over the last two years, it seems the trend has only accelerated.

In a recent article, Jordan Peterson identified Canada as being at “the forefront of the wave of woke lunacy threatening to swamp the entire Western world”. And in a speech earlier this month, retired General Michel Maisonneuve lamented that the “woke movement” is “destroying Canadian values”.

As we all know, the woke are notorious for branding those who disagree with them as ‘bigots’ or even ‘Nazis’. (This cartoon offers an amusing illustration.) So you’d assume the last thing they’d want is to be associated in any way with the actual Nazis from World War II.

Apparently not. On September 22nd, Justin Trudeau invited a 98-year-old Ukrainian-Canadian man named Yaroslav Hunka to the parliament in Ottawa. Hunka was introduced as a “veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians”. Greeted with a standing ovation, he was described as a “Ukrainian hero” and a “Canadian hero”.

Left out was the fact that Hunka fought with the Nazis as a volunteer in the Waffen SS ‘Galicia Division’.

There seems to some dispute about whether or to what extent this particular unit was involved in atrocities. Wikipedia notes that although it “has not specifically been found guilty of any war crimes by any war tribunal or commission”, the unit faces “numerous accusations”, and goes on to list several atrocities in which it was allegedly involved.

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