Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 23 September 2023

Your cut-out-and-keep guide to electric cars

Power supply connect to electric car for add charge to the battery. Charging re technology industry transport which are the future of the Automobile with city background.

With the phasing-out of internal-combustion-engined vehicles and the impending disappearance of most European car manufacturers, their non-European counterparts have released a slew of new electric cars. TCW’s motoring correspondent, Jeremy Bonington-Jagsworth, has been road testing the new arrivals.

Rish-E: A small runabout from India’s Murdoch Motors that often seems to be remotely driven by outside forces.

JB-J says: Unlikely to last long on underfunded, potholed British roads.

The E-Khan: This tiny, useless car from China’s ULEZ Corp would be better named The E-Khan’t. Unable to reach speeds of more than 20mph.

JB-J says: Cheap, nasty and suitable only for those wanting to prove how virtuous they are or who wish to drive to a Pride march.

Dave-E: Low mileage, outdated design and dull; all in all a pointless vehicle.

JB-J says: It has no appeal except to the likes of the outdated, dull, and pointless Rory Stewart.

E-Ll Wud 77 (Model T): Built by Shanghai’s FakeCon Motors, this characterless car is valuable only for surveillance. Remarkably, it has become the favoured EV of the Taliban.

JB-J says: Suitable for spooks and misogynists.

Gov-E: This weirdly shaped car is a totally unreliable effort with virtually no resale value.

JB-J says: Don’t touch with a barge pole.

Lamm-E: How this car is even given showroom space is hard to imagine. On the road test it lumbered around like a drunken elephant. Designed by Bilderberg Associates and built by Starmer Inc., this monstrosity should not be allowed anywhere near our roads.

JB-J says: Dimly designed and dangerous.

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