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NY State Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate has been REPEALED!

In the case MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS FOR INFORMED CONSENT v. MARY T. BASSETT attorney Sujata Gibson forced New York State to concede they were getting rid of their covid shot mandate for medical professionals.

The state has just informed the court the mandate will officially be rescinded as of October 4, 2023 (see attached pdf below from the NY State Attorney General’s Office)

This successful case is backed and funded by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and was initiated while Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was the Chairman of CHD.

Watch Sujata Gibson argue this case in court back in May on CHD TV here.

If you support litigation like this, as well as the recent success of NYC teachers who won in Judge Ralph Porzio’s court, please make a donation to Children’s Health Defense by clicking here

We would be absolutely NOWHERE without the support of Children’s Health Defense. They have played the most vital role in every Medical Freedom success we have had in New York!

2023_9_19_Doc_17_Appellants’_Post_Argument_Submission (PDF)

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