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How Drug Companies Cheat, Lie and Deceive

Some critics assume that drug companies suddenly became ‘crooked’ and ‘dishonest’ with the production of the covid 19 ‘vaccines’. But that’s not true. I first exposed the drug companies in my book The Medicine Men which was published nearly half a century ago – in 1975. Drug company staff have been deceitful, misleading and dangerous for decades. Drug industry staffers haven’t just got bad. The industry has been institutionally corrupt and devious for many, many years. Employees always take the credit if they produce something useful but never own the blame when things go wrong – as they so often do.

In the early 1970s I applied for a job with a drug company so that I could expose some of the industry’s dirty secrets. The company gave me a job but then recognised my name and insisted that I sign a contract promising not to write about anything I discovered. Naturally I declined to sign the contract!

Nevertheless, I still managed to do a good deal of research and to write my book exposing the industry. The book was called The Medicine Men.

Days after I wrote The Medicine Men a major drug company offered to give me money to go on a speaking tour. The aim, it was clear, to buy me with a considerable pay-off. I laughed at them and said ‘No’! (The Medicine Men has been republished and is now available again.)

I’ve been exposing the drug companies ever since.

Here are just some of the ways in which drug companies cheat and put patients’ lives at risk:

Drug companies suppress research which the regard as commercially inconvenient. If a research project shows that a new drug is dangerous then the drug company responsible for the research will refuse to publish the results. The truth will ‘out’ eventually, of course. But by then many thousands of people may have died or been injured.
Drug companies never do research which might highlight serious problems with their products. So, for example, I don’t believe vaccine makers do sufficient research to find out if their products are safe for long term use or safe to be given with other products as part of a mass vaccination programme. I believe there is a desperate need for more research into how vaccines affect the immune system. (Read my book Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying for surprising facts. Despite many attempts to destroy the book it is still available. Every newspaper and magazine refused to review it when the book was published.)
Drug companies have bought and corrupted the medical establishment with gifts, money and free holidays. The corruption is so extensive that it is nigh on impossible to find any eminent medical body that isn’t stuffed with people who are receiving or have received money from drug companies.
Drug companies use animal experiments to ‘prove’ that their products are safe for human use. But this is fraudulent. Drug companies know that tests done on animals are unreliable and cannot be trusted. Moreover, tests on animals are recognised as being utterly useless by the industry, the medical profession and the watchdogs. My book Betrayal of Trust (now republished) contains details of 50 drugs which caused cancer and other serious problems when given to animals but which were passed for human use. I took a fifteen foot long computer print-out to a House of Commons committee – the print-out contained nothing but the names of drugs which kill animals but are prescribed for people. I wanted the House of Commons to stop experiments on animals. Nothing happened.
Drug companies do everything they can to suppress the truth. When I was hired to speak to NHS staff about drug side effects, drug company bosses forced the company to fire me before I could speak. I was replaced with a drug company employee! When I edited the British Clinical Journal, a drug company executive told the publisher to fire me. (He did.) The European Medical Journal (which I founded, edited, paid for and ran entirely without drug company advertising) had to close after an expensive lawsuit and injunction paid for by a pro vivisection pressure group funded by drug companies. The opposing lawyers had more cuttings about me than I had ever seen. They also copies of private letters which I found a little startling. (I ended up being threatened with a possible prison sentence but managed to save a book publishing imprint EMJ Books out of the wreckage.)
Drug companies control most big charities. They give the charities huge amounts of money to promote their products.
Drug companies pay huge amounts of money for advertising space in medical journals. I don’t know of any medical journals which are free of what I see as a significant conflict of interest. I have never accepted advertising on my own books, articles or videos so that there can never be any doubt about my independence.
Drug companies hide or lie about the side effects of drugs – sometimes managing to do this for years.
Drug companies pressurise journalists and editors not to publish critical material. After I wrote a series of articles which a drug company didn’t like my research file mysteriously disappeared from a filing cabinet. The editor refused to continue to publish the series because my research file had gone. Drug company pressure spreads far and wide. After I was invited to speak to the Oxford Union in a debate about vivisection the invitation was withdrawn because no drug company employed vivisectionist would speak against me. The vivisectionists were frightened they’d lose the debate and so the Union cancelled me. Drug company lobbyists have helped get my books banned around the world.
Drug companies have a massive amount of influence over statutory bodies which are supposed to protect the public.
For the record, I regard it as an honour that drug companies seem to regard me as their No 1 Enemy.

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