Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 September 2023

Drag queen teacher allegedly guided students to his sexual drag content on social media

I wish I could say this was a first, but Libs of TikTok obtained photos of another teacher who is also not-so-secretly a drag queen. Bryce Thomas Van Vreede, who goes by Nova Caine when in drag, is a special education teacher at Pulaski High School near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We spoke with a concerned parent within the school who told us that Van Vreede had allegedly told students how to find him on social media by providing them with his Instagram and TikTok handles (novacaine_queen), exposing them to the shocking images he had shared of himself. Among the images that students allegedly saw is a nearly nude photo Bryce wore to an “Anything But Clothes” party. He poses with his back to the camera, wearing what seems to be a duct tape thong. As you can see, pretty much nothing is left to the imagination.

In a Halloween post captioned, “Sorry, mom.” he poses in skin-tight leather shorts, a strappy harness contraption, and a whip. I’m glad he apologized to his mother, but he should really be apologizing to the students who were unfortunate enough to see these. What kind of person would deliberately expose children to imagery like this?

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