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Canadian doctor who euthanised a man dressed as a clown said it was “wonderful”

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A doctor who performs euthanasia in Canada has described the experience of ending the life of a man dressed as a clown as “wonderful”.

In her book on assisted suicide, Dr Stefanie Green, who has ended the lives of more than 300 people by euthanasia, recounted one incident where she euthanised a man dressed as a clown.

Green described how on the day she euthanised the man “he excused himself to go to the washroom and returned wearing a full clown suit: tie-dyed pants and T-shirt, a colorful wig, and a red nose. He told me he hadn’t been sure if he was going to use the nose or not, but in the end, he’d decided to go for it…”.

“I asked him why he’d chosen to wear the clown suit on this day, and he told me he wanted to go out laughing. He figured this was his best bet.”

Now, in a recent interview in which she was asked about this incident, she said “For Ed [the man who was euthanised] it was really important that he be in this clown suit and… there’s a real beauty in recognising that for Ed this was key and it was such a wonderful thing to be able to facilitate this with Ed.”

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