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Toxicologist Warns ‘Covid’ Jabs ‘Contaminated Dangerous Lethal Products,’ Contain SV40 Sequences Like Cancer-Causing Polio Shots

Prominent toxicologist Dr. Janci Lindsay is sounding the alarm on the new Covid-19 vaccine rollout, highlighting the presence of SV40 sequences in the jabs, similar to those in the polio shots historically linked to cancer.

Among several medical professionals who testified last week before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on pandemic preparedness, Dr. Lindsay told legislators the Covid jabs are contaminated with DNA and plasmids that contain SV40 sequences.

Um, I’m short on time. So I’m trying to fit this in. Basically, people were given in the clinical trial a clean shot. People, everybody else was given these contaminated shots. Every single vial that’s been tested by every scientist around the world is contaminated with these plasmids. And some are contaminated – when Kevin McKernan first tested the vials, he found that one of the vials contained up to about 30 percent of the nucleic acid material was, in fact, DNA – so this is not some residual contamination that’s carrying over. This is significant contamination.

Dr. Lindsay went on to say she believed there was a “nefarious intent” behind the SV40 sequences being in the jabs, before going on to characterize the vaccines as “contaminated, dangerous, lethal products.”


“I personally feel that this is intentional. I believe that there is nefarious intent. I’m going to tell you why,” said Lindsay, who works as a professional toxicologist and frequently serves as an expert witness.

“There are SV40 sequences within the plasmids that were not disclosed to the regulators…If you’ll recall, the SV40 virus was a contaminant of the polio vaccines. It is thought that contamination of the virus, which is oncogenic, caused many of the cancers for the next several decades from the people that received these vaccines.”

“Now, the whole SV40 virus is not in the shots,” she explained, “but what is in the shots is a special sequence. It’s called a nuclear localization sequence, which is in the shots to take the plasma DNA directly to the nucleus of human cells. It is not needed to grow these in bacteria; you would not have to use this to grow it in bacteria for the purpose that they said it was for—to make lots of copies. This sequence takes the DNA to the nucleus of human cells where it can then be integrated or where, as [Dr. Phillip Buckhaults] said, it is most likely to be integrated. So, all this about, ‘There’s no DNA in the shots, they will not go to the nucleus, they will not integrate with your DNA,’ is not true, and they knew it from the beginning because they knew the plasmids were there. That’s a problem.”

Dr. Lindsay, who holds degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology, added that “the FDA knows about this contamination; they’re not doing anything,” and pled with members of the committee not to allow the vaccine to be disseminated to the public.

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